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Mr. Diesel needed a babysitter ASAP so what else to do other than call the babysitters club? Unfortunately for him, Marley was the only babysitter available - he had some trouble with her in the past going through his shit so he wasnt happy about that. After showing her around and letting her know to not touch his alcohol, he left and when he came back he caught Marley red handed with a wine bottle in her mouth! He threatened to call the babysitters club to get her fired and she dropped to her knees to fill her mouth with his cock! Mr. Diesel bent this little slut over and pounded into her tight snatch from behind and she loved every second of it! She bounced on his rod and he fucked her missionary and it ended with a mouthful of cum for Marley! Of course, she swallowed it all to prove that she was good enough to keep her job...
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      Mr. Crew can always rely on the babysitters club, especially his usual babysitter Blair. Shes always on time, and gets the job done no questions asked. For this occasion, Mr. Crew shouldnt be home too late, so he gives Blair a quick tour of the new house then leaves her to take care of his little princess. Blair of course makes sure his daughter is fine, but then she turns into a complete slut. She starts playing with her pussy and taking selfies right there on the couch for no apparent reason! Then she takes things up a notch and whips out two giant dildos. This girl craves cock like there is no tomorrow. Just as shes about to cum, Mr. Crew gets home, so she hides her paraphernalia quickly and tries to act normal and innocent. She asked to be paid before she leaves, and just as Mr. Crew was reaching for his wallet he uncovered both dildos. Blair doesnt get it, so in order to not let this get out to the agency, she decides to suck and fuck in order to make things right. You would think maybe Mr. Crew would have moved it to the bedroom, but he decides to fuck the living life out of Blair right there on the couch. Be sure to keep an eye out for her interesting facial expressions, they tell a tale all of their own. The last thing Blair does is suck all of the cum right out of Mr. Crews throbbing daddy cock. We still to this day dont know if she got paid, but we sure know who we will call next time we need a babysitter.
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        Jassi Capri was babysitting at Eric's house one night. The kids were tucked in upstairs, and his wife was out of town. So, he decided to ask Jassi a favor in exchange for a raise in her salary as a babysitter. He asked her to explore one of his fetishes, which involves getting kicked in the balls! The naughty little babysitter decided to try it out, and she realized she began enjoying it after kicking and kneeing him in the balls with some very hard kicks. After each painful kick, Eric's dick grew harder and harder. Jassi was also getting nice and wet. She wanted to cum as well, and Eric invited a couple of his friends over so that they could have a girlage babysitter gangbang! The evening involved plenty of fucking and sucking with the horny little college coed! At the end of the night, she was covered in cum, and she tripled her salary.
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          This couple came home and caught their babysitter Allysin Chaynes fooling around with another girl. They were pissed at first, but then decided that if she was game from that, she would be up for anything so the wife pulled her panties aside and shoved Allysin's face into her pussy. She licked the wife's pussy then the wife pushed her onto the husband's cock. Once she had the couple ready to rock the husband fucked her from behind while his wife at her pussy. They took turns fucking this hot babysitter then he nailed his wife and fired his hot load all over the babysitters pretty face.
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            This couple came home and caught their babysitter Allysin Chaynes fooling around with another girl. They were pissed at first, but then decided that if she was game from that, she would be up for anything so the wife pulled her panties aside and shoved Allysin's face into her pussy. She licked the wife's pussy then the wife pushed her onto the husband's cock. Once she had the couple ready to rock the husband fucked her from behind while his wife at her pussy. They took turns fucking this hot babysitter then he nailed his wife and fired his hot load all over the babysitters pretty face.
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              Dick had an important meeting he had to go to so he called up the babysitters club to get a babysitter sent over ASAP. Cute and petite Haley showed up at the door and was told to go immediately to the babys room, but the house was so big she didnt know where to go! She ended up walking in on Dick getting dressed and since shes never seen a grown mans penis before she was mesmerized! After he left, Haley climbed into his bed and started touching herself to the thought of his cock! To her surprise, Dick came home early and she didnt care what the babysitters club would say about her promiscuous ways - she went straight for his cock, fitting it all in her mouth! He pounded into his babysitters pussy over and over again and she loved every second of it! In the end he dropped his load all over her cute face!
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                Henessy, the babysitter is up for some fun with Mr. White. But for her biggest surprise it is Mrs. Smith who steps into the room, and obviously she is quite aware of her husband's little detours with the babysitters. She decides to give a lecture of her own to the young girl... but things get really interesting when Mr. Smith arrives just in the middle of the lecturing.
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                  This is some other sexy babysitter adventureI just can't receive sufficiently of this cute, Immature thing:) Hubby and I were home alone one night, and we were board. No Thing was on TV and we wanted to go out, but weren't sure where to go. Well, the next thing u know our phone rings and it was our babysitter, Chrissy. That Babe was all glad to let us know that that babe had saved up sufficiently specie from all her babysitting jobs to acquire her own apartmentcould we come over and watch it?? I saw the twinkle in my spouse's eyes and knew exactly what this guy was thinking. This Guy was not quite in the car in advance of this chab even had hung up the phone. We rushed over there with great anticipation as to what Chrissy had in mind, but we one as well as the other knew what we had in mindwe were going to christen her fresh apartment. After we arrived and got the voyage, which merely took a scarcely any minutes, we had a seat on her blow up mattress since that was basically the merely furniture this babe had.! Ok, now, what do u think is going to happen is u are sitting on a blow up mattress?? U're right, and I think that's what Chrissy was hoping for likewise. That Babe was the flawless hostess as this babe started undressing and then took my spouse's ramrod in her throat. This Chab was in heavenI knew that guy had been masturbating to our previous acquire togethers, so his rod got hard right away, as this chab couldn't make no doubt of this chab was fortunate sufficiently to be with her afresh. This Guy said me to receive stripped and take up with the tongue her wet crack, which I was looking forward to doing againso I jumped right in likewise. I fed my hubby's hard penis into her enchanting, Immature slit and this babe groaned with glee. Having limited space with the blow up mattress we tried out lots of hawt, fucking and engulfing poses until we were all wet with sweat..not solely from the hawt sex that we were all enjoying but I don't think her air conditioning was working all that well either. I was juicy and begged my spouse to cum for uswhich this guy did, all over my face. Of course I had to share it with our enjoyable hostess and that babe gobbled it right up. As we all relaxed and caught our breath, this babe told that that babe would at no time forget how her 1st apartment was broken in the right way. Of course my spouse and I laughed jointly on the car ride home about how these kind of things not at any time happened to us when we about u??
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                    Mr. Olsen called up the babysitters club to get someone over to watch for a few hours while he went to take care of things at work. They sent over cute and petite Joseline Kelly! After hours of boredom she went snooping around his house, only to find a goldmine of fireworks and firecrackers! She took them and decided to have some fun while he was gone - but that plan was quickly foiled as he came up right as she was about to set them off and he was furious! She explained to him that she was bored and just looking for something to do, then had the bright idea of reaching for his dick and saying she knew what would cure her boredom! They took it inside where Joseline struggled to take his full length down her throat! He returned the favor by licking her pink pussy before sliding his monster cock inside of his babysitter! Joseline loved every second as her boss drilled into her, making her moan with pleasure! In the end, she dropped to her knees and jerked his cum all over her pretty face!
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                      Ellis Barr emerges from his shower, dries his nude body, and enters his parents' living room to find a stranger. Heather Vaughn introduces herself and explains she's been hired as a babysitter for the afternoon. Ellis recognizes a certain look in her eye. It's a look that connotes a hunger. A hunger for swollen cock. After only a few moments of sitting with Heather, Ellis places her hand on his already throbbing erection. The feel of his meat takes Heather's breath away for a moment. They kiss. She slowly works her way down his chest and stomach, licking and gently kissing. When her mouth reaches Ellis's now fully-flared boner, her lips make their way around it and Heather begins sucking. Ellis can't believe how naughty this babysitter seems to be. She repeatedly takes the dick all the way down her throat, gagging on the massive man pole. Ellis removes her clothing, lays her down, and inserts his pulsating dong. Watch him pump this sweet-but-sinful girl for a while before she climbs atop to ride her sexy new friend.
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                        Mr. White was a faithful husband until one of the naughty babysitters gave him an idea. Since then, Mr. White has been alternating between the babysitters almost every fortnight, enjoying their young body and their willingness to earn some extra money. However, when Mrs. White finds out what?s going on between her husband and these girls, things get a really exciting turn and the husband?s in for a surprise.
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                              When this concupiscent pair come home to discover their babysitter Eve masturbating on their couch, u can be confident that they are going to take full advantage of this golden opportunity!
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                                  Here is our sweet Tiffany Preston looking for a part time job as a babysitter. She show up to a place where she is going to be interview and ask to perform some stretching exercises. But when the guy who interview her find out what she is wearing is way to sexy he is going to request her to perform 3 great stretching exercise that you will find out in this naughty video.
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                                          What are you supposed to do when the babysitter shows up and the kids aren't around? Well, you gotta fuck her of course. And don't go easy on her. She can handle your monster kids so she can definitely handle your monster cock!
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                                                      We had one more wild night with our recent babysitter, Briana! Our ordinary sitter, Christy, was not accessible this night, so that babe set us up with her priceless ally, who was just as cute and lascivious! Hubby and I had a birthday party to go to, and we ended up staying out a little later than expected. One of our allies, Jay, had a little likewise much to gulp at the party, so we brought him home with us to sleep it off on the ottoman. When we got home we discovered Briana asleep in front of the TV, and since it was so late, that babe decided to stay over also! I had a houseful and had to receive everybody to daybed. I showed Briana the guest room, got her stripped and tucked her init was hard for me to leave her room after seeing her in nature's garb, Immature body! Jay was stumbling around, so I grabbed a blanket, got him in nature's garb also, and settled him on the sofa. Afresh, it was hard for me to leave him as well since that was the 1st time I had ever seen his large penis! Hubby and I got ourselves tucked into daybed also, but now I was excited and not willing to go to sleep.:) After hubby fell asleep, I snuck out of our room and got into couch with Briana! That Babe was surprised to watch me walk in, but I just couldn't resist her soft skin! I was gentle at 1st with a scarcely any soft kisses, trying to feel her out, and that babe was very receptive! I then fondled her diminutive, Immature wobblers, and her nipps got wonderful and hard! I was willing.I wanted to smack her youthful, vagina juices, so down I went and that babe tasted glamorous! My fur pie aperture was now worthwhile and soaked, so this babe licked me clean and I came right in her throat. Ok, now I was relaxed and willing to go to sleep, so back into daybed with hubby I went. Little did I know, hubby had the same lustful thoughts that I had, and when I fell asleep, it was his turn. This Chab then snuck into Briana's room also! I had no idea, but come to discover out later, this guy screwed her pleasant Immature cum-hole, precious and hard, and that guy had her take up with the tongue off her own cum-hole juices so that I wouldn't know! When this chab was gratified, it was back into our daybed. Now, I'm thinking u're getting the picture here?? It was musical beds for everybody coz now it was Jay's turn and off the ottoman this guy went and likewise ended up in Brian's room:) Briana was probably thinking..those people are desirous! Have A Fun Part I and await until u watch what happens in Part II:)
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                                                            Kelsi is a fantastic babysitter - apart from one small detail. She has been stealing from her employer?s wallet, and he?s about to find out. When he catches her on camera, he doesn?t take much time to tell her what he has seen.
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                                                                    Sabrina Jade is an honest teen who loves what she does.  She loves rascals, so what better job than to be a babysitter?  When she is hired by a neighbor to look after his baby, she had no idea that his baby was such a beast.  Tiny Tim is not your ordinary baby; he's a full grown man!  When she goes up stairs to check on him, she can't help but to suck on his cock.  She crams his midget dong deep into her mouth, sucking and licking her way to ecstasy.  He enjoys it just as much as she does, and pretty soon, he can't contain his excitement any longer.  He shoves his cock into her dripping pussy and fucks her until he cums.
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                                                                            Here is our sweet Tiffany Preston looking for a part time job as a babysitter. She show up to a place where she is going to be interview and ask to perform some stretching exercises. But when the guy who interview her find out what she is wearing is way to sexy he is going to request her to perform 3 great stretching exercise that you will find out in this naughty video.
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                                                                                Oh great, here comes Kimberly wanting more money for babysitting but her employer isnt having it until she says she will tell his wife that hes touching her inappropriately! Negotiations begin and they barter for more than just coin. Kimberly drops down to her knees once she sees the money piling on and it doesnt stop there. Kimberly forgets about money once her snatch gets moist and she wants a dicking pronto. From doggy, to cowgirl, to good ol missionary, this isnt this girls first time with an employer it seems! She must be good because this is one of the biggest money shots in babysitters club history. Make sure you watch till the very end!
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                                                                                  Mr. Rubino has been suspecting his babysitter, Goldie of stealing money and jewelry from his house and decided it was time to find out. He set up a camera in his room to see if it was really her that was stealing. When she came over to babysit he made sure to tell her to not go in his room. Fast forward 30 minutes and shes already in his room going through his money jar and jewelry! He gets back inside and calls Goldie to the living room, pissed as fuck that shes been stealing from him every time she babysits. As he was on the phone with her supervisor, she dropped to her knees and put his cock in her mouth, immediately changing his mind about her! She slurped Mr. Rubinos dick real good, then he pounded into her tight pussy! Goldie loved the dicking she received and happily took his load to her face!
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