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              In the setting of a luxurious bathroom, ebony harlots Dee and Obsession get each other off in this excellent quality lesbian video.  Things start quite romantic and softcore as the girls kiss, soaping up each others' bodies with the bubble bath and then licking each others' snatches.  The girls leave the tub and things get kicked up a notch as one girl bends over the bathroom counter.  Her girlfriend spits on a pink dildo to make it wet and then slides it straight in to her partner's ass, beginning to plug her butthole!  Later the girls masturbate with a huge double ended dildo on the floor, ramming their sloppy pussies together.
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                Vanessa is many things, but a virgin she isn't. This brunette primps herself in the bathroom mirror and when Frank walks in on her, he immediately starts massaging and licking her cunt. She is fingered while sitting on the bathroom sink and loves it so much that she starts giving him head. she is a talented cocksucker that works his knob like a pro. He needs to feel her pussy wrapped tightly around his cock and starts fucking her. He bends her over the sink and takes from behind. Vanessa loves his doggystyle penetration but its her asshole that wants to be pounded. She rides his cock in anal reverse and gets her cumshot to the chin
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                  Lucy, Summer, Andi, and Athena just love to get all sexy and soapy in the bathroom - and today they are taking turns with their naughtiness. Lucy and Summer go first, and they are rather flirty as they start in on the soap. They both have the most delicious natural tits that I have ever seen, and once those get covered in suds - well they're certainly hard to resist. Next up is Andi, who enjoys a bit of alone time in the tub with herself. Finally there's Athena, who props herself right out of the bathroom to show off her sweet body.
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