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Jason works at a chain of supermarkets and is in charge of bottle recycling. It?s one of the worst jobs around having to get his hands dirty touching all the plastic and glass while long lines of people wait to turn in their bottles for a few bucks. He finally had enough one day and told the boss he was leaving early. On his way out to the car he grabbed a free newspaper at the store and saw an add for Rayveness?s massage parlor. He figured a massage would make him feel better and he headed over
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                          These two young couples don't wanna waste the whole day on just walking around the city and soon end up back at one of the guys' place playing a strip version of Spin the Bottle. All naked and horny they start fucking on a large bed and when the boys decide to swing girlfriends everybody loves the idea and this home sex party goes totally out of control.
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                                it's shower time and I get to use a FULL bottle of shampoo for LOTS of suds and bubbles in the shower as I wash my hair and body until there's so many suds they won't even go down the drain fast enough :)
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                                  When the bottle spins, it's like time slows down until you know who you get to kiss! When Dillion Harper gets together with her slutty friends, they always have a raunchy good time. Tonight, the gals are gossiping and daydreaming about Johnny's big cock. Dillion wants a piece of that dick so badly, she's willing to stay up all night to get it.
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                                        Selena Star is back cuz we simply can't get enough of her. Her tits are perfect in every way. She's Panamanian, but you'd think she was from Texas (everything is bigger in Texas). Would you believe that a normal every day bottle of wine placed next to Selenas tits seems to dwarf the bottle completely. We had to get a bigger bottle.We ordered it from Texas! Selena is a cute chick to say the least, but add her big ass, enormous tits and juicy lips and you have the total package. I would like to see Selena Star do aMonsters Of Cock. She definitely needs to be matched up with a man who has something in common with her Monster Tits! Enjoy!
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                                          Rocco's, sister, and her childhood best friend are all meeting at their old hang out spot above the family garage. Jessi and Rocco show up first, and get to talking about old times, including the time everyone was playing spin the bottle. Way back when, Jessi had spun, and the bottle had pointed at Rocco who she had a crush on. Knowing he had to kiss her, the boy panicked, and ran out of the room. Well, that was then, and this is now. Finding a bottle, they decide to relive that fateful day, and this time Rocco is not going anywhere!
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                                                      Lily Banks's boyfriend comes home from the store and tells her they're going to drink some wine, but he can't seem to find the bottle. He leaves because he thought he left it at the store, but -- surprise! -- his buddy Mick, who's hiding behind the door, stashed the bottle away so Lily's man would scram and she could cheat on him with his best friend. The petite blonde sits her pussy on Mick's big dick until he blasts a load on her face!
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                                                        Two long-haired Latina lesbians play a fun game of spin the bottle, but instead of kissing when the bottle points at them, they pick truth or dare. It only takes two turns before they are kissing and by the third they are stripping -- don't miss the fourth!
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                                                                My buddies and I were having a picnic at a park nearby when Briana pulled up in a Ferrari. Ficus noticed her first and wondered what the hell she was doing dancing around in a cute short white dress and waving a soda bottle around. It turned out she knew all about me and figured she would lure me in with her nice round ass and her husbands sports car. It worked like a charm. She let me drive her over to my house and we fucked fast and hard because she told me she had to get the car back to her loser husband. I guess Im becoming too predictable. Who knows... maybe the MILFs are starting to hunt me for a change.
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                                                                  Throwing a wild sex party in a deserted cottage is every student's secret dream. Where else can you go totally crazy and stop caring about anything, including nosy neighbors? That's right, in the country! Besides, all the hot college chicks feel much more relaxed in the country. Don't know why, maybe the atmosphere is more romantic here. But it's a fact: any sexy student girl is easier to fuck in the country. Want me to prove this to you? Well, watch the kick-ass sex video that we made! But let's begin from the?
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                                                                    Tiffany Mynx is single and ready to mingle. The problem is that she did mingle at the speed dating session, but all of the guys she met are losers. She's ready to go home and just drown her sorrows in a bottle of wine when a young guy walks in, late for the event. She sits down and talks to him and finds out that she has good chemistry with him ??? enough to make out with him, suck his big dick and fuck him until he fires off a massive load all over her cougar ass. What a fantastic first date!
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                                                                        Sergeant Barrett had just finished his military service and doesn't quite know how things work in the massage parlor world, instead of paying $150 for the massage he arrived with a bottle of wine, Dianna can tell that he is broke and decides to take the chump change he has and give him the massage. During the session Barrett talks about his poor sex life as he hadn?t really been active in the past 2 years, Dianna decides to help Barrett and serve her country by offering her sexy body and giving him a great blowjob
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                                                                                Simone Sonay is a busty blonde MILF who won't stop making trouble at her son's soccer games. She keeps yelling at the coach and all the other players, and now the coach had to throw her out yet again. The team lost the game thanks to her antics, so coach Jessy has no choice but to throw her son off of the team. To try and change his mind, Simone grabs a water bottle and squirts it all over her big tits! Coach Jessy whips out his fat cock for her to suck before spreading her legs and fucking her MILF pussy until he's ready to blow a load in her pretty mouth!
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                                                                                            It's the most anticipated superhero clash of the century...and its a porn parody! Legendary director Axel Braun and adult powerhouse Vivid Entertainment proudly bring to life every porn loving comic-book geek's wet dream in the blockbuster \
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                                                                                              It's the most anticipated superhero clash of the century...and its a porn parody! Legendary director Axel Braun and adult powerhouse Vivid Entertainment proudly bring to life every porn loving comic-book geek's wet dream in the blockbuster \
                                                                                                It's the most anticipated superhero clash of the century...and its a porn parody! Legendary director Axel Braun and adult powerhouse Vivid Entertainment proudly bring to life every porn loving comic-book geek's wet dream in the blockbuster \
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                                                                                                    Mr. Diesel needed a babysitter ASAP so what else to do other than call the babysitters club? Unfortunately for him, Marley was the only babysitter available - he had some trouble with her in the past going through his shit so he wasnt happy about that. After showing her around and letting her know to not touch his alcohol, he left and when he came back he caught Marley red handed with a wine bottle in her mouth! He threatened to call the babysitters club to get her fired and she dropped to her knees to fill her mouth with his cock! Mr. Diesel bent this little slut over and pounded into her tight snatch from behind and she loved every second of it! She bounced on his rod and he fucked her missionary and it ended with a mouthful of cum for Marley! Of course, she swallowed it all to prove that she was good enough to keep her job...
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                                                                                                            What happens when a group of barely 18 pussies are bored on a Friday night? They invite their friends over for a slumber party \
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