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Super sexy Dahlia is served up to The Pope and Orlando for a live 3 hour shoot. She was warned that this would be her most brutal shoot, and she welcomed the challenge. First she is put in a device that is so brutal, that it has her back bent in such a way that most could not handle. She too, eventually gives in to the brutality and has to be let down to make it through the rest of the scene. Next Dahlia is put in a extreme stress position with her arms and legs bound with metal straps. she is impaled in her pussy with a large dildo to prevent her from easing the stress on her legs. In the final scene, Dahlia is spread wide in a manipulation of a pile driver. Again her body falls under the assault of these two sadists and we can witness her total destruction reaching its climax.
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    Beautiful and tough as nails Andre Shakti is brutalized in terrible bondage predicaments and rewarded with overwhelming orgasms. Put into a tough spot between a tight crotch rope and a desperate tit tie, Andre has to choose which torture to endure to earn her orgasms. Reward time: tied to a saw horse and stuffed with a dick in her cunt, and hook in her ass, and a brutal vibe on her clit, she is whipped while she spills orgasm after brutal orgasm all over the set. The sling style suspension finishes her off by ripping her slutty thighs apart for a thorough pussy plunging that rips orgasm after orgasm from her. Good job Andre, you went the distance with The Best Bondage Site on the Web!
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      Eager to find the position that would bring her most pleasure, this brutal domina keeps on pushing her slave?s face against her wet pussy from new angles, making his writhing tongue reach as deep into her wet pink flower as it?s only possible. The boy toy is as hardworking as never but she wants him to grind even better, so she tugs on his unit brutally, making him squeal ? and keep on licking it!
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                Scene 1 Bound up from head to ankles with shiny, clear PVC straps and gag, sexy Sarah tries to escape the brutal snap of the single tail. Red whip marks criss-cross all over her hot body leaving her all marked up and nowhere to go. Claire gives her the cattle prod until she is squealing, and then attaches nipple clamps to her thigh straps. The more Sarah reacts to the shocks, the more pain her nipples get! Then, in comes the dick on a stick with a vibrator to send Sarah shaking into orgasmic bliss. Scene 2 On her back, in a straight jacket, on a dirty mattress, Sarah's legs and feet are chained and bolted to the floor. Her feet and inner thighs get covered with a "special sauce" that burns HOT. Then she gets her pussy sealed shut with red hot candle wax until Claire flakes it off with a brutal caning. Next, painful, tickling foot torture and scary, big ass clamps stretch and expose Sarah's vulnerable pussy while she gets a nice hard DP fucking with our good friend dick on a stick until she is purring like a ravaged kitten as she comes and comes. Scene 3 Wow. Sarah is quite a sight hanging from the ceiling in a pipe swing, with her head enclosed in a tight latex hood with a tiny breathing hole. She gets whipped while clothes pins pinch her tits and pussy. Then more fucking and orgasms galore. Focus. Slow down and regulate your breathing Sarah, or you're going to hyperventilate! Nerve racking breath torture!
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                  Being cuffed to the head of his bed, this guy just can?t hide his excitement ? he thinks that his new acquaintance Molly is about to give him the fuck of his life with a little foreplay but? He is wrong. Molly is a brutal femdom mistress and the only thing she cares about here is her own pleasure. She won?t even pay any attention to the guy?s pathetic limp cock ? she will only test his oral skills in the course of a brutal facesitting treatment.
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                    If you missed the last HogTied live show, this is the time to see it! Porn starlet Casey Calvert endures non-stop brutal rope bondage and inescapable orgasms through six different positions. She is tied, stripped, stretched, fucked in the pussy, fucked in the ass, bent over, gagged, foot tortured, caned, cropped, flogged, suspended in a killer backbend, tits tied ridiculously tight, clothes pinned, face slapped and man-handled all while getting off with the most inescapable orgasms on the internet. We finish the whole thing off by suspending her on top of a sybian orgasm machine cranked up to the limit! She has NO chance of escaping the brutal orgasms that the sybian delivers because her entire body weight is directly pushing her clit onto it the entire time. This is awesome.
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                      This will be the day of reckoning for Casey. She is in for the most brutal beat down of her career. She is tough, but whether she is capable of of handling both Orlando and myself, ,is yet to be seen. She will endure brutal torment all day at the hands of two sadistic men, and hoping she can make it through the day.
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                              Krysta is a sexy tattooed alt slut who is here for our January live shoot. She comes in and actually requested to be water boarded. This sets the pace for the rest of the day, which is extreme!! The bondage is hardcore and grueling, which for most is enough torment, but we take it a step further with the brutality of suffering that she will endure. The day consists of extreme pussy stretching and torment. The Pope has set out to destroy her cunt, and put as many things as possible inside her. Every scene is a test to try and get his huge fist inside her little pussy. He succeeds once, but that's not enough for this sadistic bastard. He continues fisting her all day while she is made to submit to his sadistic ropes.
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                                Your face is again welcomed to the nether regions of a super hot blonde. Mistress Ashley Fires displays her sweet pink holes to you, spreads them open as she talks about their many talents. You're ordered to bury your nose in them and please her. Then to the powder room where slave Freddy's head is tilted back on a chair to provide  his glorious mistress with a pleasing seat. Ashley uses him brutally, bouncing on his slurping mouth, ordering him to make his tongue hard so it can penetrate her anus. Relaxing on the couch, Ashley plays with her pussy before leading her slave in on his knees. She teases him by dancing her  pussy and ass just out of his reach before finally dropping herself down on his face and grinding ruthlessly. She laughs with a kind of mad glee as she facesits and reverse facesits, smothering her slave to the brink of brain damage.
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                                  Serena is a super hot girl with a real taste for suffering. she signed up to be our September live shoot girl, but had no idea that I was bring one of the most sadistic female tops to assist me in her demise. Aiden Starr is like dynamite; lots of power in a small package. Aiden is just as much of a sick fuck as I am, and that's why I brought her in on this shoot. She's not here as a fem domme, but just a sadistic top to destroy poor little Serena. We start the day with the least amount of rope as possible to show that it doesn't take much to fully immobilize your captive. She is instantly helpless to our evil desires. She screams and attempts to escape, with no success. Her entire body falls under our sadistic torment, and we keep the level of brutality high all day. Next she is in a predicament position that leaves her body exposed, so that we can assault her skin with heavy impact. She eventually is released, but we decide to ripp more orgasms from her during a little manhandling scene. The final scene, we have her in a very exposed position and Aiden decides that Serena is going to be fisted. The pain and screams continue throughout the final scene, and then we put the finishing touches by lifting Serena in to a hardcore suspension for one last orgasm.
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                                    Welcome Isis Love to Device Bondage, you have seen her here as a co-top but never as a "sub". Device Bondage is the only place on the net that you will see Isis "subbing" at this time. So lets get this, beautiful, perfect, amazing girl, naked spread, and helpless. Chains are good, they hurt if you struggle. Back arch is good, it makes the girl more vulnerable, and uncomfortable. After some breast flogging and pussy whipping, it was time to make this Goddess cum. Three fingers in, brutally hitting the "G" spot, the vibrator on high, directly on her clit. Seconds later the most intense screaming, squirting orgasm we have ever seen. Isis came and didn't stop cumming, it seemed to last for ever. The primordial scream from hell, the cum gushing out of her pussy in buckets, it has to be seen to believed.
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                                      Skin is back at Device Bondage, and hotter than ever. Her sexy, ebony body begs for punishment and brutality, her screams fill the room as it happens with no end in sight. Skin starts with being chained in a kneeling position, on the floor with her face pulled up by her gag. She is helpless now, and the fear of what is to come is looming over her. Nipple punishment, along with non-stop pain, push her to the edge. She struggles to hold on, and when it seems hopeless, Orlando rips her first orgasm from her cunt. Next, Skin is belted in a strappado partial suspension, toyed with, then lifted on to a platform. Her amazing ass is exposed for all to see, and Orlando takes advantage of the situation by fucking her cunt hard and fast. In the final scene, Skin is spread wide with a hard steel scavenger's daughter. Her entire body is exposed, and her cunt readily available for the taking. The torment continues for as long as this little whore can take it, and then her pussy is fucked again. This whore is left as a sloppy mess in the middle of the room with her body sore, and her cunt worn out and dripping.
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                                          Has Jessica been very bad? Is that why she's being punished so brutally? Or is it just that her is extremely sadistic and enjoys watching her suffer...being the one to make her suffer...leaving bright scarlet welts across her bum? Watch her writhe in pain as she tries to break free of the cruel bonds.
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                                                                                                              This is the first time Ian Greene has gotten to experience the brutality that is Bound Gods. His bronzed and muscle laden body can not hide the fact that he is in over his head and scared about what the hung stud and brutal task master Dominic Pacifico has in store for him. Right away it is clear that Ian is going to have to earn the hard way every bit of attention, validation, and pleasure that Dominic chooses to give him or deny him. Ian is on his hands and knees crawling across the floor while dragging a heavy bucket that is tied to his stretched and tender ball sack. Slowly he snakes his way to the worship at the boot heel of Dominic's thick leather. Ian licks the filth off of Dominic's boots and shines them to perfection. The humiliation makes both of the their cocks gorge with excitement. As Ian cowers at Dominic's feet, he is repeatedly spanked with a leather crop until his ass glows a bright red hue of painful perfection. He squeals and begs for more. He is hungry for stiff cock and will do ANYTHING to get it. But Dominic is not that easy to please. He saunters across the room and makes Ian drag his swollen and aching balls over the floor with the heavy bucket in tow. Pleased with Ian's devotion, he takes out his massive cock and jams it into Ian's hungry mouth. Gaging he thanks Dominic again and again for allowing him to deepthroat his divine phallus. After gorging on his stiff rod, Ian is tied to a pole with tight rope bondage while his head is encased in a leather deprivation hooded mask. Confused, vulnerable, and shivering with terror Ian is at the mercy of Dominic's muscular body. He mercilessly flogs Ian's body, hitting his cock with tip of a thick leather flogger. Ian winces and trembles with pain. It is almost unbearable but he is determined to not disappoint his masters expectations. His endurance is rewarded and Dominic licks, bites, and deep throats Ian's cock. The blow job lulls Ian into a false sense of security and the mask hides him from Dominic's true intent. With his guard down Dominic beats him senseless but Ian's cock only gets harder. When Dominic feels like he has had enough, he flips Ian onto his back and straps him down to a table with firm leather belts and gags him a rubber bit gag. He then mercilessly fucks Ian's gaping asshole and probes the inner reaches of Ian's deepest desires. Ian's cock swells and he begs to cum but the only thing he gets is orgasm denial. He pleads with his master to allow him to cum and when Dominic truly thinks that his slave has earned it, he allows Ian to blow his load. He strokes Ian's swollen cock as thick, wet, creamy cum oozes from Ian's ecstatic whore hole. Panting and gasping with delight, Dominic jams his cock down Ian's throat. Ian's hungry mouth hole pleads to be blessed with Dominic's generous load. And Dominic delivers and nourishes his pet slave with his never ending, thick, creamy cum. Worn out and broken, Ian thanks Dominic over and over, but the only thing that Dominic has to say is,  God boy... Ian Greene gets beaten and ass fucked in brutal rope and leather bondage and cums with delight!!
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                                                                                                                Never released on the Ultimate Surrender site, this match was only available as a Kink on Demand download up until now. Today, for the first time ever, members get this epic shoot as an update! Because this shoot's popularity and acclaim as a KOD were so massive, we had to take this shoot out of the archive and share it once again, this time on the U/S site for all the members! Now members get this legendary battle at no extra cost! Now members get to see a part of Ultimate Surrender history. Welcome to ROYAL MADNESS. The most ambitious, wrestling porn event ever filmed. Where 6 winners will fuck 6 losers in an epic orgy of rough, brutal sex! Two team Captains will take turns picking their wrestlers from a 10 girl pool. Playground rules until the last girl is picked. The teams are assigned colors and meet to work out a strategy. The Match starts with Team Blue putting the first girl on the mat. Team Red has 30 seconds to decide who will wrestle her. After the fight, Team Red puts a girl out and Team blue must decide who will wrestle. This repeats until all girls have wrestled. Each score is added to the overall team score, as the Captains use strategy to try and get the best match up on the mat for their team. In the end, the team with the overall highest score wins, and gets to brutally fuck the losing team in a massive 12 girl orgy gangbang. But that's not all. On top of over an hour of intense non-scripted wrestling and a 12 girl rough sex orgy, we have included tons of bonus material! An extra 45 minutes of the orgy scene from 3 different camera angles!! Before and after wrestling, we have behind the scenes footage with the wrestlers and out takes.
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                                                                                                                  Live Show Mondays brings you the conclusion of the November live show that featured Ashley Jane, Ally Ann, and special guest co-top Princess Donna. The last installment of this November feed starts with a brutal 69 in the cage. Why brutal? The pointy spikes they are made to lay on are not trivial, and cause much discomfort. The both girls are dragged out and while the boys set up the next scene Donna takes Ally, and makes Ashley finger fuck and FIST her friend. Ally is made to have the strongest orgasms of her life as Ally's fist drives deep up her shave cunt and Donna vibrates her clit. Now both girls are impaled on a sybian, spread and helpless. We soon discover that Ashely is just done. The 3 hours of non stop live BDSM has paid it's toll and she can not continue. But Ally is ready and willing to go. After the sybian make Ally over and over, we apply a zipper ot her. We instruct Ashely that she is going to pull it and make her freind scream in serious pain. Ashely doesn't want to but a stern look from Donna and Ashely is ready but not willing. The zipper is the brutal end to a very successful live show.
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                                                                                                                    Welcome to another installment of the Hogtied feature movie series. These movies are real life fantasies of the girls who appear in the films, played out in a safe and sane environment for your viewing pleasure. This month's installment is 'You Own Me' starring Ariel X with special co-top Gia DiMarco. Ariel X is back from a medical leave and pumped to wrestle again for Ultimate Surrender. It's been almost 6 months, the over-all Champion is back and healthy, ready to take on the sexy Gia DiMarco. Right before the match Ariel gets a disturbing phone call from her agent. Ariel learns the reason she has never gotten a Divine Bitches shoot as a top: she is too nice. The powers that be at Kink have decided since Ariel is helpful and compassionate to new wrestlers then she must be 'soft', not someone who could be called a Divine Bitch. What transpires next is an affront to good sportsmanship. Ariel X destroys Gia on the mat, to the point where Ariel's actions could be considered criminal. A most brutal, heinous beat down. It is obvious she is trying to physically hurt Gia to prove a selfish point. Gia, being the professional model she is, endures until the end when she is knocked unconscious by an out of control Ariel. It turns out that Gia is someone you really don't want to fuck with. Her strict and thorough training at the feet of MaA?tresse Madeline pays off for now it is time for revenge and revenge will be swift and brutal. Gia arranges for Ariel to be 'taken out' and when Ariel awakens she is physically helpless, bound & gagged. Gia controls Ariel's body, it won't be much longer until she controls her mind and sexuality to a level that makes Ariel X a common sexual slave...
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                                                                                                                      Emma Haize has been one sneaky slut; cheating on her beloved boyfriend Xander and hoping to get caught! Confiding in Princess Donna, Emma lets her know how much she is tired of vanilla sex and is thirsty for punishment, more cocks, and a real good rough time. Be careful what you wish for, the Princess can make any naughty fantasy come true! Watch as this torrid affair unfolds with a brutal punishment of Miss Emma Haize…this slut gets busted making out with her boy toy at the park, and Xander takes her on a ride on the lover’s carousel that she will never forget. Face fucking, bondage, double penetration, brutal anal, rough sex and a good little cum dumpster.
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                                                                                                                        Welcome Jay Tayor to Device. This is her first hardcore bondage shoot. This 20yr old has been a fan of the site for years, now she gets to experience it first hand. Brutal pain is the order of the day. Her nubile body is bound and abused, we deliver the pain, and extract the pleasure. We make Jay cum and cum often. Screams of pain followed by the brutal orgasm that Device is famous for delivering.
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                                                                                                                          Please welcome Krysta Kaos for her first Device Bondage shoot. This hot little punk rock slut comes on set, all pierced and tattooed, telling us she's into pain play. Fantastic. So are we. You want to be fucked with, sweetie? Well, we're more than happy to. We put her in a standing pose with her feet on a spiked lazy susan and her arms stretched high up above her. Those nasty little plastic spikes dig into her tender manicured soles. The stretched out pose is extremely stressful. She's sweating as soon as we put her into bondage. We gag her with a tight leather strap, and blindfold her to heighten her fear and sense of touch. Our goal is to overwhelm this sexy little whore. Once the scene starts, we hit our helpless, blindfolded lady with as many different corporal sensations as we can think of. We whip her perky little tits and ass. We flog her pussy hard. We break out the horsehair flogger and hit her up and down the backs of her stressed out legs until they are raw. We vibrate her reddened cunt while stinging her ass and tits unmercifully with the zapper. We cover her lean body with clothespins, and pull her arms up higher, putting all her weight on her toes, now teetering painfully on the spikes. We whip off the pins one at a time while Krysta keeps count. Then we fuck her with a dildo until she comes so hard, she pulls her exhausted body up by the wrists, all that brutal suffering transformed into one hell of a brutal orgasm.
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                                                                                                                            Start at the beginning and work your way to present day, and you will find Sarah Jane all over the pages of Device Bondage. She is one of the toughest models, and has proven it over the years. This day will prove to be her biggest obstacle thus far. Orlando attacks every part of her fragile body with the intent to wreak havoc on this willing slut. The pain is the most brutal that she has ever endured, and the suffering is monumental. He pulls no punches in making this slut suffer and scream her way through the most hardcore shoot to date. We included the last scene, although it was cut short, to show the intensity the models endure when shooting for us. This is never faked, and always the most brutal suffering with the most intense devices.
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                                                                                                                              Your face is again welcomed to the nether regions of a super hot blonde. Mistress Ashley Fires displays her sweet pink holes to you, spreads them open as she talks about their many talents. You're ordered to bury your nose in them and please her. Then to the powder room where slave Freddy's head is tilted back on a chair to provide  his glorious mistress with a pleasing seat. Ashley uses him brutally, bouncing on his slurping mouth, ordering him to make his tongue hard so it can penetrate her anus. Relaxing on the couch, Ashley plays with her pussy before leading her slave in on his knees. She teases him by dancing her  pussy and ass just out of his reach before finally dropping herself down on his face and grinding ruthlessly. She laughs with a kind of mad glee as she facesits and reverse facesits, smothering her slave to the brink of brain damage.
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                                                                                                                                Welcome Cassandra Nix to Hogtied. This adorable girl next door is only 19 years old. Cassandra is so cute and looks so innocent. At 5'10 with sexy long legs and the biggest puffy nipples, this girl is smoking hot. We bind her elbows and wrist behind her back, her palms are face outward making the position even more helpless. Stripped of her clothes, this 19yr old finds herself at the mercy of The Williams. A brutal and devastating skull fucking is what happens next. This 19yr can handle cock, and we fuck the back of her throat well. This is breath control at it's finest. When the cock is jammed all the way down her throat she cannot breath at all, the cock plugs her throat completely. After being severely punished with dick, Cassandra is hogtied on the ground with her legs spread wide so we can abuse her wet pussy. We suspend the helpless girl and rip orgasm after orgasm out of her nubile body while she moans, screams and struggles in a futile attempt. We make her cum, she can't stop it. In the end she is left hanging, suffering in the pain in the ropes, unable to do anything..
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                                                                                                                                  Nicole is an angel but her is a devil, who strings her from a cross and then flogs her with a cat o nine tails and a bullwhip. Nicole is in so much pain that the tears stream down, but her vicious will show this fallen angel no mercy, only more cruel lashes
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                                                                                                                                                        JC Simpson and her hubby Brent are hard up for cash, mostly because he doesn't work. Unfortunately for Brent, JC found out that she could actually get a lot of money for his balls if she sells them overseas. The bigger and more swollen they are, the more money she gets, but they have to be fully drained of cum. Brent does not like this plan one bit, but dominating JC easily overpowers him and starts tenderizing his nuts with her feet. She needs them to totally fill up with cum before she drains them. To make sure she gets it all out, she teases him as much as possible with her perfect body. After a lot of brutal and grinding ball busting with her feet, she leaves him so she can change into something that turns him on more for phase two. JC changes into one of Brent's favorite outfits: a tight mini dress with black pantyhose and high heels. She's hell bent on getting his balls as full of cum as possible before they are drained and removed. She teases him in all kinds of dirty ways, mixing in a lot of kicks, knees and stomps. She talks about selling his balls, turning him on. She leaves him in agony while she goes to change again. Phase 3. Time has passed, now Brent is tied up to the wall naked. JC is wearing his favorite school girl outfit with white pantyhose and striped leggings. She still is on her mission at hand: to get his balls as full as possible, swell them up with lots of ball busting, then castrate him and sell his balls on the black market. While he's tied up she might as well have some fun with him. She slaps his sunburned chest, pinches his nipples, pretends like she's going to suck his cock then stands up and knees him. What a teasing hot mean girl. She kicks and knees his balls while she's grinding on him, keeping it as sexy as possible. JC goes back and forth from sweet to evil like a champion in this clip. She lubes up his cock, strokes it just to get him hard so she can hurt his balls even harder. No one can resist her handjobs, no matter what she does. She keeps him right on the edge until she leaves him to ponder about being nutted while she changes one last time. JC has put on a Leotard over her white pantyhose and striped leggings. The time has come. Brent's balls are swollen and full, now all she has to do is drain them. She gives him one last long mean handjob, which plenty of cock and ball torment, then after he cums, she ruins his orgasm by continuing to milk his dick harder than before, and knees him a few times. After we wrapped this clip, Brent was on the ground. It hurt really bad, apparently.
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                                                                                                                                                          Heidi Mayne is the femdom cock and ball torment Queen. She actually gives lessons in female ball busting. Her classes fill up quite quickly. But she was able to set aside some time to give us an exclusive peak on her technique. She starts things off by sharing ways to entice a ball busting sub, teasing with her big bouncy boobs, round ass, and dirty mouth. To properly give a brutal cock and ball punishment, a ball busting girl shouldn't be afraid to use all of her limbs in a creative manner. Of course, a swift kick or hard knee to the groin will take down any man. But one who like a challenge, an upper cut to the balls is quite hard to take. A good elbow shot also can cause some great damage. All are great if done by surprise. A true ball busting chick isn't afraid to use her mouth, biting down as hard as she can, stretching ball sack skin with her teeth. Heidi's techniques are great at pulling out a huge was of cum.
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                                                                                                                                                              Jamey Janes wants to have some fun with your dick. Hurry and pull it out. She wants it in her mouth, in her hands, on her feet, anywhere really. Oh yeah. There is a catch. She's a brutal ball busting chick, ready to inflict some pain on your pathetic member. Don't get lost in her soft caresses against your shaft. A heavy handed fist will bust your balls hard enough to bring you to your knees. She knows what you like. How about a pair of dirty feet coming down fast on your balls, mushing them between her toes. She likes sinking her teeth, stretching your dick as far as she can, chomping away on your sensitive head. You wanted extreme cock and ball torment, you got it. Enjoy!
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                                                                                                                                                                Eric ordered a stripper to come over early before his best friend's bachelor party started, and Tammy Tyler came in expecting to perform for a group of guys. To her surprise, she was alone in a room with a perverted old loser who asked her to dance and strip for him. As the 19-year old brunette stripper began taking off her clothes, Eric began jerking his cock in front of her and creeping her out. She had only one rule - look but you can't touch! Unfortunately, the horny Asian pervert couldn't keep his hands off her juicy girlage ass, and he began groping and squeezing her girl buttcheeks until she became fed up! Tammy kicked him in the balls, dropping him instantly to the ground. Although he was hurt, he still did not learn his lesson. He tried fondling her ass and tits once more, and this resulted in some brutal ball-busting and cock-biting punishment! Tammy Tyler busted his balls so hard that she kicked the cum out his his nuts while he was cumming!
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                                                                                                                                                                  Lacey Lawless' houseboy seems too comfortable in her house. He's walking around naked, smelling her panties, smelling them when they're still on her. She can't deny her amusement, but he needs to be punished by this ball busting bitch. She kicks him hard between his legs, pushing his balls far up his stomach. He is very gutsy, reaching for her pussy. She gives him a few more kicks. She teases him, pulling down her short skirt, flashing her red thong as he cowers in pain. Yet, he reaches for her breast. She kicks him again, letting her boobs drop out. She makes him suck on her toes like the dirty slave he is. He wants to do more, but all he gets is more brutal cock and ball torment, stretching his cock with her teeth. That surely teaches a lesson.
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                                                                                                                                                                    Lacey Lawless' houseboy seems too comfortable in her house. He's walking around naked, smelling her panties, smelling them when they're still on her. She can't deny her amusement, but he needs to be punished by this ball busting bitch. She kicks him hard between his legs, pushing his balls far up his stomach. He is very gutsy, reaching for her pussy. She gives him a few more kicks. She teases him, pulling down her short skirt, flashing her red thong as he cowers in pain. Yet, he reaches for her breast. She kicks him again, letting her boobs drop out. She makes him suck on her toes like the dirty slave he is. He wants to do more, but all he gets is more brutal cock and ball torment, stretching his cock with her teeth. That surely teaches a lesson.
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                                                                                                                                                                        The Porn Star and Newbie Anal Slut compete for slave collars on the Upper Floor. Both petitioners endure brutal pain / pleasure predicaments before getting face fucked, flogged and made to orgasm in front of the room full of horny House Guests. Meiko show off her anal fucking skills as Mr Pete plows her hungry ass. Meanwhile, Evi Fox is fucked, used and abused in the best ways possible to deliver the hottest, raunchiest kinky threesome sex on the internet. By the end of it all, both girls are covered in come and exhausted. They stand before the crowd to be judged on their performance: which one has earned the collar?
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                                                                                                                                                                          German pain slut extraordinaire Raquel is featured in this amazing pain performance BDSM video. The interrogator strips her down and gropes her shapely tits, squeezing them until she gasps, and her heightens her fear taunting her with clamps, getting ready for the next phase of her ordeal. Handcuffed, the interrogator lashes her with the cane and she begins to cry out in pain, and he continues his physical domination of Raquel. He continues to debase and humiliate her, stepping on her with his heavy boots, building to his finale. Raquel is strapped at the wrists and hoisted off the ground, and her brutal taskmaster mercilessly lashes her with his cane, leaving her  twisting in pain and screaming. Finally, she is dropped to the floor, and Raquel thinks relief is in her grasp, but in a final sick twist, the taskmaster cranks up the horror by beginning a terrifying round of needleplay. This is one intense BDSM video you will not be able to stop watching!
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                                                                                                                                                                            Morris watches as Sibylla puts on her makeup and prepares to serve his cowardly little punk tight nasty ass with a massive strap-on cock.  They start off sensually hot kissing and as they become sexually aroused she springs that savage nasty strapon on him and the game is on.  She cracks his snug dirty asshole open and starts brutal hardcore screwing him in a session of filthy ass fucking that sends shivers up his spine.  Soon the cowardly little punk gets that hardcore butt blasting action that he deserves.
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                                                                                                                                                                              Dallas is a new girl on the scene who got into shooting because she was a fan. She wanted to live out her fantasies for all to see, and we make sure that she suffers as much as possible. Dallas endures the most sadistic torment of her life, in the brutal devices. She screams, begs and pleads for the pain to stop, but when it does the orgasms become just as much of the torment as the suffering she has already endures.
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                                                                                                                                                                                Andre starts bound by her neck to a column with her hands tied behind her back. Her legs are free and this gives her a false sense of hope. this whore thinks that will help her, yet it makes it more of a predicament. It always amuses me that these helpless whores think they can get one over on me. She is then tied on her back with her legs spread wide, and her head hanging over the edge with no escape. Her feet are tormented along with the rest of her sensitive parts to get this bitch screaming. Now it's time to show this whore how helpless she really is. Andre is put in a flying spread eagle suspension. Clamps and pegs are added to her exposed body and we watch as her suffering escalates. The pain finally bubbles over and we see just how much she can handle. Next Andre is on her back and folded in half. Her knees are to her shoulders and her pussy is fully exposed. The cane is brought out and her feet again fall under brutal bastinado. The Pope uses his cane to torment her feet, cunt, and various pressure points to keep this whore screaming. Her pussy and ass are the final target and Andre now knows that even her prized possession are just flesh to be tormented.
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                                                                                                                                                                                  We start with Krysta in a predicament device, that reveals it's sadistic nature in due time. She is standing with her pussy connected to her feet by a chain. Her petite body is revealed as her clothes are ripped away little by little. Her body is reddened from heavy hands and flogging, then the device shows this whore what it's capable of. Scene two begins with her in a brutal back bend that stretches her lean body out. Her drenched pussy is exposed and begging for attention. That will come, but first I want her to scream; scream so loudly that the entire castle can hear her. All of the sensitive spots are assaulted with multiple implements of torment. This whore's pussy has been craving attention all day, so we put her on a little perch and fuck her cunt with omega. Her body starts to weaken and her mind starts to fade into that place that only girls that have been fucked into oblivion know about. The speed is increased more and more until this whore is a sloppy fucking mess.
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                                                                                                                                                                                    Spread wide atop a fuck box, the newbie meets her captor. She feels the sting of his flogger instantly. He torments her before exposing her naked body for us to see. Her clothes are ripped off, then more pain, followed by screams, and then the first orgasm of the day. She is then flipped with her ass high in the air and restrained by chains to hold her body down and ass up. Again the pain comes with more screams of agony. She experiences pain that she has never felt, and now is unsure that she can take. She struggles to free herself with no luck. Her asshole is violated and her pussy releases yet another orgasm. This scene renders her completely helpless. She is bound by leather and chains to a steel device, that has her bent over, her arms in a strappado, and her legs spread wide. There is a brutal assault on her fragile body with heavy impact, nipple torment, and more mind blowing orgasms.
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                                                                                                                                                                                      Senior house slave Lyla Storm is held in the highest regard as a shinning example of everything the House has to offer: Discipline, Duty, and Dedication to Service. Not to mention she can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, and orgasm from doing so. However, when she is put in charge of the novice slave girl, Kristine Kahill, it becomes clear to the Household that Slave Storm is not all we thought she was. Strike One: Kahill embarrasses the House when she is unable to recite the three House rules, Honorific, Eyeline and Deportment. Slave Storm is punished and given her first strike for Kahill's failure. Storm is ordered to teach the underling to suck cock like an Upper Floor slave should. The long two girl blowjob is sloppy and deep as the two horny sluts gag each other on the thick hard cock over and over again till Kahill gets it right. Strike Two: Kahill makes a fool of us again when she is unable to present herself properly for a reward. Slave Storm is stripped of her stockings and garters for Kahill's second failure. The two slaves are order to climb on top of a rock hard dick and take turns fucking it reverse cowgirl style till their thighs are so burned out from pumping it that they cannot stand up. Strike Three: Slave Storm reveals that she herself does not even remember the rules or the required House positions! She is berated, dressed down and stripped of her House Leathers. The House stands completely embarrassed by the lack of discipline this eve, and we have nothing left to off except Lyla Storms Anal Punishment. Storm is no longer a House Slave. Her presence is a blemish on the record of this House and her ass is to be punished for her transgressions. She takes a brutal ass fucking while her underling slut sister smears pussy into her face in a degrading display of penance. In the end, Storm is covered in come and ordered out of our sight, made to slither away like a come covered worm in chains. Lyla Storm is officially demoted, busted to the rank of 'Trainee'. She is sent back to the basement to be punished further and re-trained in the basics of House service on the Training of O. You can see her re-training on now.
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                                                                                                                                                                                        Guess who left the premises again? That's right, the hot Euro cutie Amy. She loves to wander in the forest like an innocent nymph. In reality, she's an owned pain slave that can't do anything without permission, let alone walk off. Her Master finds her deep in the woods. Perfect! No one will be able to hear the noise this brutal punishment causes. He has plenty of rope with him and ties her to a tree, back on the bark, arms pulled back and wrists tied together, high off the ground. Her sweater is pulled up yet her panties still on. This pain slut is scared and sorry. He feels and squeezes his submissive slave's hot tit, rubbing and slapping her pussy. He pulls the crotch of her panties up into her pussy, twisting a stick in to keep it tighten against her clit, slapping it more. He unravels his bull whip and gives her a round of hits and stings. He works in a hard impact boob and stomach flogging. She screams for mercy, begging for forgiveness. Her complete front side is red, marked up and sore, even her pussy spanked pussy. He pulls Amy off and reties her to the tree, her feet on the ground able to move, yet her ass exposed to her Master for his leather paddle. She's terrified. The leather paddle isn't easy to endure. Well, she shouldn't have left without asking. She struggles and squirms, trying her best to avoid each hit.
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                                                                                                                                                                                          There's no real story here. What ya got, see, are two sadistic bitch Mistresses, Sabrina and Malitia. Sabrina is the one with the long flowing blonde tresses, Malitia has the legs that go on for several zip codes. They've got hold of a bald lunk-head male named buddy. And they want to him slowly. That enough of a story for you? Details: Malitia subjects him to breast suffocation while her partner punches his guts. They tickle him, pinch him, pull his body hairs, smash his noggin, and subject him to long, long and brutal rounds of facesitting. Sabrina loves to dig that ass way in there! \
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                                                                                                                                                                                            This week we bring you the long awaited finale of Princess Donna's gangbang. It is, quite possibly, the MOST EPIC GANGBANG OF ALL TIME!!!!! This shoot has everything, the infamous dominatrix's first double vaginal penetration, first double anal, and first triple penetration all in one shoot. But that's not all, it also has some of the most brutal sex ever captured on film! This tall and lean Princess with gorgeous natural tits and a tight round ass is known world wide for dominating and humiliating helpless boys and girls. If there was ever a question as to whether or not she can take what she dishes out the answer is in this shoot! She is stripped and aggressively taken to the ground where the men beat her with pool cues, run a fisting train on her pussy, throw her around like a piece of meat, and mercilessly fuck every hole on her body. Don't miss this update! And tell your friends!
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