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                                        I guess sometimes beauties dont need mates around, and love most of all to hang out solely with other angels.  Whenever I heard about a angels night out, I always imagine a stripped pillow fight, or smth like it.  Now thanks to this latest submission, I know all the rumors are true.  In this movie, we have probably five of the hottest college babes ever, and after leaving a lame party, Those babes got all inexperienced and concupiscent. They decided to kick it back in the dorm, with 2 bottles of vodka and lots of playing around.  Ive not ever seen so many different ways to eat cum-hole, and those angels showed me just how creative, and compliant a gal could be.
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                                          I guess sometimes beauties dont need mates around, and love most of all to hang out solely with other angels. Whenever I heard about a angels night out, I always imagine a stripped pillow fight, or smth like it. Now thanks to this latest submission, I know all the rumors are true. In this movie, we have probably five of the hottest college babes ever, and after leaving a lame party, Those babes got all inexperienced and concupiscent. They decided to kick it back in the dorm, with 2 bottles of vodka and lots of playing around. Ive not ever seen so many different ways to eat cum-hole, and those angels showed me just how creative, and compliant a gal could be.
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                                                I remember playing dodgeball in school, and I remember having an astonishing time, this is why those desirous college kids are trying to keep the tradition of dodgeball alive. All it takes to receive a fine dodgeball game going is to set some truly wonderful rules like, looser pays the next bar tab, and all the beauties should flash if they acquire hit.  With these kinds of requirements, who would say no to a game like that.  Right after the winner was announced, the party moved to one of the dormrooms, and thats where they started playing one more game.  Those kids did not waste any time on it.  One boy put his hands down this hottiest underclothing, during the time that those 2 marvelous blondes did the same with some other man. Next thing u know, all of the angels are blowing the fellows and it solely acquires more excellent after that.
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                                                  I remember playing dodgeball in school, and I remember having an astonishing time, this is why those desirous college kids are trying to keep the tradition of dodgeball alive. All it takes to receive a fine dodgeball game going is to set some truly wonderful rules like, looser pays the next bar tab, and all the beauties should flash if they acquire hit. With these kinds of requirements, who would say no to a game like that. Right after the winner was announced, the party moved to one of the dormrooms, and thats where they started playing one more game. Those kids did not waste any time on it. One boy put his hands down this hottiest underclothing, during the time that those 2 marvelous blondes did the same with some other man. Next thing u know, all of the angels are blowing the fellows and it solely acquires more excellent after that.
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                                                    Allie James is chillin' in her dorm when a random dude stops by and says he's starting a 17th century romantic literature club, and was wondering if she'd be interested in joining. Well, it just so happens that Allie LOVES 17th century romantic literature, but that she also doesn't have the cash to pay for joining the club. What would a romantic do? Strip down to her bare natural tits, suck the club leader's dick and fuck the holy lit out of him in her dorm room!
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                                                      Game BoysSit back, and get ready to be transported into a world of digital excitement! Rick McCoy and his dorm roommate, Andras Styles, are getting into some fierce competition over a video game requiring significant physical maneuvering. They're jockeying for position as top dog in a game of video tennis. Andras thinks he's the bomb, but Rick knows he's unbeatable. When Andras challenges him to a match involving a high stakes bet, Rick is eager to take him up!Andras is literally putting his ass on the line by agreeing to let Rick fuck him if he wins. When Rick eases into a clean victory, Andras is getting just what he bargained for...a nice, fat cock! Rick goes from serving digital tennis balls on a virtual court to serving his meaty dick to his roommate in their own dorm room! You'll love seeing Rick's mouth bob on Andras's boner just before these excited college pals fuck. And Rick's even bringing out a couple surprises. Watch him insert his unique glass toy into Andras, just before sliding a large dildo all the way into his own tight hole. Then join these game addicts as they help each other warp to the boss level!Enjoy!
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                                                            If you ask me what booze to choose for a hot sex party, I'd say that there's nothing like tequila! First of all, it's strong enough to make the hot college chicks horny after just a couple of shots. Besides, the drinking ritual is very sexy itself. All that salt licking, you know. Pretty party girls get turned on by that, believe me. Anyway, me and my friend Lina threw a tequila sex party, and see how cool it was! I was in the kitchen, helping Lina to get everything ready and drinking with the luscious college?
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                                                              Chloe is in her dorm room trying to study or at least attempting to study while Barry stops by for a chat. Chloe tells Barry, she can't see him anymore, because her rich father will not support the princess if she continues to see him. Barry isn't the country club guy that her father approves, but Chloe is only interested in Barry's huge cock and load! Daddy's little girl can't say no to that!
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                                                                      After scouring Kagney's dorm room for evidence and gaining pertinent information from Kortney, Detectives Charles Dera and Scott Nails are now led to a local strip club. After a thorough "questioning" with the dancers, Scott is tipped off about a sleazy strip club owner who has been hiring college girls.
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                                                                                This week's video comes from the sisters at *** they rounded up their three rushes and had them strip down to deliver gift baskets to some guys from the brothering frat. The rushes had to knock door to door until they fount the respected guy they were assigned to, ind you the girls were naked and the halls were busy. after delivering a couple of baskets the alpha sisters decided to put together a little show for everyone in that dorm. they made sure everyone came out to watch their rushes do cartwheels and frog leaps. It was very amusing watching these poor rushes doing all these athletic things in a crowded hallway naked. But the real treat was their final task. The rushes had to have a three way, they had to make each other cum in order to be accepted by their sisters.
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                                                                                          Kortney Kane had just moved into the dorms at Brazzers Academy, and while she was looking through some of her new roomie's things, she found a camera with a sex tape on it! Seeing that amateur ass in action made her pussy wet, so she started massaging her big tits and rubbing her little clit to get a nice orgasm in before her new roomie showed up. Wouldn't you know it, though, her new roomie came in with her boyfriend Xander before Kortney even got a chance to cum! Sensing how horny Kortney was, her roomie grabbed the camera so she could film Xander fucking that busty slut like she needed. First, Xander ate out Kortney's wet pussy until she was dripping wet, then he fucked her titties and her pretty face until she was moaning with pleasure. Finally, Xander put his fat cock deep into Kortney's tight pussy, fucked her hard, and then came all over her pretty face. Kortney hasn't even had a class yet, and she's already making new friends! Isn't college great?
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                                                                                                Planning a wedding can be stressful, but thankfully Keiran, the masseuse, is here to soothe all the pent up tension in this blushing bride's beautiful body. After rubbing oil all over her soft golden skin, paying special attention to her round booty, Keiran fucks Vicki's mouth, shoving his cock deep down her throat, making her pretty bridal make-up run down her cheeks. He turns his attention to the previously chaste tight pussy, licking it, making it wet and ready for his massive cock. Vicki gets fucked long and hard, leaving her calm and docile for her big day, but after drinking his thick white load, will she go through with her nuptials?
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