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                    Another week of Money talks has arrived.  In this episode Havoc encounters a big titty mama with plenty of milk to lactate on and lick her hot friends tits.  Next some foolish spring breakers get maced in the face as they attempt to go out for a football pass. It would not be spring break without some hot chic flashing her boobs.  So Havoc pays some sexy babe to bare us her twins as well as get a pic of that nice round butt.   On the main event our crew is having difficulties checking into a room they had reserved on their trip.  They are stuck in the lobby of their hotel so what else are they gonna do but have a lil fun.  Their is this lil beauty doing her best to accommodate our crew but our crew needs a special kind of attention.  With a little green persuasion we have this babe baring us all and as she shows us to our room she shows Jmac how nice the bed is
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                                      Halloween is my favorite holiday. To celebrate on this fantasy filled time of year I wanted to do something different to get all Divine Bitches members in the spirit. La Semence Des Vampires (The Seed of the Vampires) is an ode to vampire movies of the past and all their cinematic delight paired with a femdom twist. Aiden Starr; the head vampire, finds her power diminishing day by day. Aiden realizes she needs more than blood to survive and only an innocent piece of man meat has what she needs to feed. For their mistress, Bobbi Starr and Nika Noire leave the comfort of their dilapidated crypt in order to seek out the young flesh and seed of John Jammen who unbeknownst to him is seduced by the striking beauty and sultriness of the vampires. John is sucked into an underground world of BDSM, punishment and fetish sex where femdom vampires not only feed off of his blood but painfully milk his cock and balls raw till every last drop of his seed is their own. On top of the higher production you will enjoy all of your favorite fem dom nuances including flogging, humiliation, nipple torture, pantyhose, ass worship, ruined orgasms, CBT, foot worship, CFNM, raw milking, strap-on ass fucking, heavy caning, painful zippers, breath play, sex in bondage and much more! Happy Halloween, M.M.~
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                                          He's tough and hard working, but still knows when to relax and have a good time. Cameron Foster is the best boss a girl like Delilah Blue could ask for. Not to mention he's smoking hot! When Cameron calls his young secretary into his office on a Friday afternoon, close to quitting time, he requests she stay a little late to help him finish up some light paperwork. Delilah had planned on starting the weekend early, not burning the midnight oil! But there is one thing for which she might consider staying. She's wanted to get her hands and mouth on Mr. Foster's cock for a while now. Although Cameron is a married man, it doesn't take much convincing before he's enjoying Delilah's lips around his firm dick. She's milking his boner just like he's imagined. Cameron's taking this office encounter even further by fulfilling every bit of his naughty secretary fantasy. Watch him slide his bulging cock into Delilah and deliver a firm pounding, right on his desk! She's definitely getting a bonus...all over her chest!
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                                                Lactating MILF got a proper BDSM experience in this vintage clip. The fetish-loving guy played with her big boobs.
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                                                              Angell Summers and Maitresse Madeline have a HOT lesbian connection in this weeks Whipped Ass roleplay update. Madeline plays a therapist whom gets locked up for sexually seducing her straight female patients. Angel is Madeline's lawyer who can't seem to shake Madeline's seductive ways and finds herself dominated, fucked and punished in the woman's prison! Hot lesbian pussy and ass licking, pussy and anal fisting, heavy flogging and big anal insertion are all included!
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                                                                    Darling impressed us all in Summer Vengeance when she was able to get a camel clutch submission on the flexible Bella Wilde. That match opened the flood gates for Darling. She gets massively aroused when she is able to bend her opponents into painful contorting holds. Darling has becomed obsessed with getting girls to submit to her back breaker hold in the wrestling but she's also become obsessed with making them come in the back breaking camel clutch in her round 4's. This is Paris 'The President' Lincoln's first match for Ultimate Surrender. She was just the perfect victim for Darling. She's Flexible and gets incredibly wet when she's in pain.
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                                                                        Coral is a conniving upstart. She is greedy, manipulative and gets what she wants through blackmail, coercion and lies. She is the top of her game - or so she thinks. Meet Joanna - an independent film producer with morals just as loose as her skirt. You can't kid a kidder and you can't out fuck a casting couch master. Joanna bets Coral at her blackmail game with a hogtie and her panties shoved in her protesting mouth. Joanna fucks her into submission with her ever-hard thick cock and cums a big load in Coral's mouth - hush cum if you will...
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