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                                                      The Gym was almost empty so I decided to start a little workout of my own. When I'm working out I'm really intense and making crazy noises and Charley Chase came up to me and told me I was making too much noise and she couldn't concentrate. I told her she needed to chill out but she made a big scene and tried to distract me by taking off her sweater and moaning like she was getting boned. Well it did the trick and I was staring at her perfect pair of tits. They were amazing and I sweet talked her back to my place to give me a little lap dance because it turns out she was a stripper. She showed me her moves and I showed her what I was working with. I pulled out the jammy and killed the punani!
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                                                                      If you missed the last HogTied live show, this is the time to see it! Porn starlet Casey Calvert endures non-stop brutal rope bondage and inescapable orgasms through six different positions. She is tied, stripped, stretched, fucked in the pussy, fucked in the ass, bent over, gagged, foot tortured, caned, cropped, flogged, suspended in a killer backbend, tits tied ridiculously tight, clothes pinned, face slapped and man-handled all while getting off with the most inescapable orgasms on the internet. We finish the whole thing off by suspending her on top of a sybian orgasm machine cranked up to the limit! She has NO chance of escaping the brutal orgasms that the sybian delivers because her entire body weight is directly pushing her clit onto it the entire time. This is awesome.
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                                                                        Sensei Derek is training one of his students from home, the sexy yet mean Olivia Lowe. She told him she wants more self defense training, but as it turns out, she really likes him. When Olivia really likes a guy, she shows him by kicking him in the balls and teasing him. We all know this femdom CBT vixen loves humiliating guys. Olivia takes every opportunity to drop Derek with a kick or knee. Once he's laid out on the floor completely, she climbs on top of him seductively and affectionately, but doesn't stop with the ball torment. She leaves him on the floor like that, telling him she'll be back in a few days. Doesn't seem like she needs self defense course but Olivia is back for another lesson, and this time, she wants to learn more about grappling. Derek begins to explain to her that after the last lesson, it took his balls a few days to heal, so he asks her not to hurt him like that anymore. Let's see! Olivia picks up on the grappling techniques surprisingly fast, and has Derek in a few compromising positions. Before he knows it, he's powerless again, dominated by his hot student and she's slapping, punching, and kicking him in the nuts and there's nothing he can do about it. After more crotch beating, Olivia straddles his face with her sexy ass that looks amazing in tight spandex and tells him that she actually likes him and wants him to take her out for dinner. Not having much choice in the matter, although she does strangely turn him on, he agrees to take her on a date. Derek is hurrying to get dressed for his date. He's nervous. After all the ballbusting, he doesn't know what to expect, but he can't help but be excited because he finds her so attractive. Olivia shows up early and tells him not to worry about dinner, she has something else in mind. She takes his pants off, gets his cock hard through his boxers and then gets evil with ball slapping, grabbing, kneeing, a little kicking. The whole time she makes sure that she's driving him crazy with her sexy body, particularly her amazing ass. Seems like a match made in heaven!
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                                                                          After a long hiatus Audrey Hollander is back in the business. This AVN award winning star does her first shoot back right here at!!!! Of course I jumped at the opportunity to have this hot little slut fucking for the camera again, and we held nothing back, and I mean NOTHING!!!!! She is brutally manhandled, and gets two dicks in her ass, then two dicks in her pussy while in bondage!!! Rough and intense role-play, bondage and sex, double penetration, fisting, spiting, face slapping, choking, and more!!!! Don't miss the infamous Audrey Hollander's return to the adult industry! This shoot is worth every penny!
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                                                                              Guess who left the premises again? That's right, the hot Euro cutie Amy. She loves to wander in the forest like an innocent nymph. In reality, she's an owned pain slave that can't do anything without permission, let alone walk off. Her Master finds her deep in the woods. Perfect! No one will be able to hear the noise this brutal punishment causes. He has plenty of rope with him and ties her to a tree, back on the bark, arms pulled back and wrists tied together, high off the ground. Her sweater is pulled up yet her panties still on. This pain slut is scared and sorry. He feels and squeezes his submissive slave's hot tit, rubbing and slapping her pussy. He pulls the crotch of her panties up into her pussy, twisting a stick in to keep it tighten against her clit, slapping it more. He unravels his bull whip and gives her a round of hits and stings. He works in a hard impact boob and stomach flogging. She screams for mercy, begging for forgiveness. Her complete front side is red, marked up and sore, even her pussy spanked pussy. He pulls Amy off and reties her to the tree, her feet on the ground able to move, yet her ass exposed to her Master for his leather paddle. She's terrified. The leather paddle isn't easy to endure. Well, she shouldn't have left without asking. She struggles and squirms, trying her best to avoid each hit.
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                                                                                In scene one, Andy is strapped to a kneeling x frame. A tight leather posture collar and shirt are wrapped around her head and neck. Claire adds water to Andy's new face mask, making it difficult to breathe. If you suck in air too fast, you suffocate. Control is key. She is stripped of her clothing, well most of it... and then her torment begins. Clothespins are placed all over her body. A vibrator is added to distract her from her discomfort and then the clothespins are removed with the single tail. Andy gets finished off with a thorough cunt fucking. Second, Andy is bound on a perch of sorts. She is very flexible in the hips, so her feet are bound together with leather straps and attached to her chest. Her knees are pulled open. She can struggle as much as she wants but there is no escape. There never really is escape from Device Bondage. Painful clamps are attached to her pussy and it is pulled open in a quadrant. Andy loves the pain and the pleasure is intensified with a firm paddling to her ass and thighs. She cums hard, long, and heavy. Her breath again is restricted through the breathing tube only and her moans echo through the room. Finally she is bound doggy on the table. The pussy hook returns and is now tied to Andy's hair - making Andy elevate into an uncomfortable arch. Andy is challenged with a very intense throat fucking and face slapping session. Her face beams with the pleasure from the pain and the orgasms are the most intense of the day. Welcome back Andy. We missed your cunt.
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                                                                                      Mina wants to be nice to the slave . . . but not that nice. She's going to give him a handjob with lots of ball busting. She plays a little game where she starts counting her strokes on his cock. Each stroke is a kick or knee that he'll have to take. This gives the slave a lot of mixed feelings because he desperately wants her to keep stroking, but as the count gets higher, he knows it's going to hurt really bad. In between kneeing and kicking and stroking, his balls are paining him and his cock is rock hard. She tells him that she wants him to cum on her legs, but as soon as he does she's going to slap his balls harder than she's ever done. He's terrified but wants to cum. As she hurts his balls more and more she says, \
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                                                                                                We'd been on Aries' ass for a couple months now and wanted to get her on camera, but she turned it down because she had a boyfriend. Well, the day finally came. Aries became single, and she set up a date for us almost immediately. She brought her finish line outfit that hugged her body so tightly. Aries was excited to put on a show for us, as her big ass busted out of her pants. She had an ass clap like no other. Aries sure could get that booty moving. We had her working that ass from so many positions because we couldn't get enough of it. Aries wanted some dick after her major booty workout. Tarzan was more than ready to satisfy her urge. She blew him to give her ass a little rest because she needed some energy to bounce that ass on his dick. Her booty looked great bent over, as it got filled with cock. Tarzan did his best to battle that big juicy rump
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