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    This week on Moneytalks we bring you the worlds smallest bikini. Havoc finds this French hottie and pays her to try on the smallest bikini out there. Next we find this guy who wants to assist in a porno. We strap him up in a baby bjorn and pay him to help us execute our porn scene. For the main event our crew has taken over a barber shop. We find this one couple on vacation willing to make some extra flow. We pay this one guy to shave off his eyebrows. His girl is looking to make some money as well so she shows us her nice breast. There is no shortage of nice tits walking into this barbershop. This Brazilian babe gets paid to show us her twins. This one delivery girl walks right into the right place at the right time. Sunni does not make much and could use the money. We pay her to show us her tits, pussy and suck Jmacs cock. We dont stop there we pay her to go all the way. Jmac has his way with this beauty all up in the barbershop
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      This week on Money Talks, Havoc pays a couple of hunnies to undress themselves with nothing but there teeth.  Next our sexy host shows off her throwing skills as she impales our poor victims ass with a good old spikey cactus.  That dude sure is gonna have a hard time sitting after this.  Make sure to floss is our motto here on Money Talks.  Floss your pussy that is.  Havoc finds a nice young lady to part her tender pink pussy lips with a vagina wedgy.  For our main event Michelle and Tony go clubbing.  Our Money Talks team is out and about and ready to find some willing participants for our viewing pleasure.  A couple in need of some rent money encounter our peeps and are willing to use the club bathroom for the real party
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        This week we kick off money talks with a lil card game we like to play that involves a hot naked girl holding up a table, we call this one the human table.  We got a cute latina off the streets for this game and a guy to come along and play some strip poker with Havoc.  From there we go off to look for some guys to do some cactus fencing, this fun sport is played with swords that are covered in cacti. Its a very gentlemanly sport. We finally get to a bar where we have some fun with the local patrons.  First a couple comes in and the girl had some melons we just had to see.  After some negotiating we got her show them off and we got to slam the guys balls with a cue ball.  Soon, another guy comes in and we get this one to do something super gross.  He chugs down a cup full of mop water and makes us want to puke our guts out.  Then two more hotties show up, and you know we had to see the goods.  Finally we get another cutie the wanders in to the right place to make some cold hard cash.   We end up seeing all the goods and its not long before we got her giving our man a hand job after throwing her some money.  Once the almighty dollar comes out the inhibitions fly out the window.  She gets nailed hard and good in the back of the bar. This ones HOTTTT!!!!
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          This week on Money Talks we bring you a couple who we pay to guess each others body temperature with their fingers by inserting it in each others asshole.  Havoc then pays this one guy to hop on a treadmill with a skateboard as she throws some eggs at him.  Next our lovely Havoc finds this lil cutie and gives her some cash to take of her panties and show her goods while sitting on a park bench.  On to our main feature our crew invades a pool supply store.  We pay this one hottie to show us her tits. This one poor fool sucks our sexy cohost fake cock for cash.  Meanwhile store clerk has been watching in disbelief.  But she could use some cash too. For the right amount of cash she shows us her tits and lets Voodoo play with her cookie.  We dont stop there as we pull out the big wad of cash.  This clerk could use some real money.  Before you know it she is sucking and riding Voodoos cock right inside the store.  Watch how this hottie yells in delite as she gets a nice dicking
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            Another week of Money talks has arrived.  This time around Havoc is looking for a couple willing to take some squirt lessons.  We find a few who are willing to come back with us to our classroom and get their squirt on for some dough.  Mortis is back for another extreme record attempt.  This time we pay this guy to jump into a trash can full of ice.  We come to find that his shriveled member has actually broken an extreme record for smallest penis.  Up next we find these two hotties and pay them to make a peanut butter sandwich with a penis.  For the main event our crew is hanging out at a local bar.  This couple is here for a drink and we pay the girl to show us her tits.  Her man wants some cash to so we make him drink down some nasty shit.  There is no shortage of tits in this bar.  Another lil honey comes in and gets paid for her jug as well.  We got plenty of cash for whoever walks in. This one guy is willing to get paid for a beer bath as well.  We want to see some real action.  So when this blonde walks in to the bar we bring out the real wad. We have this babe show us her tits and reveal her pussy for the green.  She seems to like our friend the sexy bartender so we come up with the bright idea of offering all the cash we go to see these two gorgeous girls get it on.  We hit the back of the bar for some privacy and this is where the real fun begins
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              This week on Money Talks we pay tribute to our forefathers with a 4th of July extravaganza. In this episode we find 9 red blooded Americans to participate in games both patriotic and erotic. Our Oil Wrestling showdown features babes in body paint representing the U.S. and Britain. Tug of War is given a modern update, with anal beads instead of rope, asses instead of arms. While youre waving your freak flag high, dont miss a minute of Fire in the Hole, an extreme stunt involving a girl, a Roman Candle and countless explosions of cumfetti. For the finale, we end the episode with a proper bang, our local studs find ladies who want to celebrate their independence...the American way. Support our spoofs, and make love, not war.
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                This week on Money Talks we start off with a good old mushroom stamp and throw in a blow job for good measure. Then we bring you Fire in the Peehole! Now this stunt involves a large syringe and, well you are gonna have to take a look. Finally Jmac works his customers at the the local clothing store until Cameron arrives. She turns out to be a real wild one, screaming for lots of cash. check it out
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                  Another week of Money talks has arrived.  In this episode Havoc encounters a big titty mama with plenty of milk to lactate on and lick her hot friends tits.  Next some foolish spring breakers get maced in the face as they attempt to go out for a football pass. It would not be spring break without some hot chic flashing her boobs.  So Havoc pays some sexy babe to bare us her twins as well as get a pic of that nice round butt.   On the main event our crew is having difficulties checking into a room they had reserved on their trip.  They are stuck in the lobby of their hotel so what else are they gonna do but have a lil fun.  Their is this lil beauty doing her best to accommodate our crew but our crew needs a special kind of attention.  With a little green persuasion we have this babe baring us all and as she shows us to our room she shows Jmac how nice the bed is
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                    We are at it again.  This time Havoc is armed with clippers and pays some asswipe to get his beard shaved into a monkey tail.  Meanwhile some other moron is dumb enough to eat his clippings for some cash, haha. Next we are digging in the crates and pulling out some of our sexiest titty stunts.  Watch Havoc pay some sexy ladies to jiggle their tits.  Havoc joins in as well and shows us her perfect set of suckable twins.  For the main show our crew is having a blast at the swap shop.  Titties are flying around this shop for some cash. This one fool is willing to get stuffed into a bag and dragged out of our shop for some green. We pay this other dude to let our lil Mike Tyson, porn stud swing away at his stomach.  Poor guy did not realize lil man had a set. Emily walks in our shop and she is young and ready for fun.  Chris is digging her and she shows us her tits.  The are so nice.  She is going to school and could use that money.  She is young and horny and very glad to suck our boys cock as we close down in order to throw down.  Watch Emily get fucked and ride that dick all the way to the deposit slip
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                      Working out has never had such rewards.  In this episode of money talks, Havoc convinces a busty female playing racquet ball with her boyfriend to flash us her boobs.  The ambitious couple is willing to go further for the right price.  Havoc lures the physically fit couple back to warehouse where she has a weight bench ready to be put to use.  The busty broad proceeds to give her a man a fierce blow job as he attempts to lift the heavy weight while busting a nut.  Havocs titty loving does not stop here we move on to a big natural honey on the street who show us her piercings on her lovely twins.  For the main event,  Molly shops around a local tourist shop and pays the cute store clerk to show us a little skin.  The plot thickens as a lil honey shopping for a bikini joins in the fun.  An unsuspecting shopper encounters  Mollys entourage only to get caught up in the act.  Molly gets girls to have a lil fun with each other and experiment a bit.  After some licking Molly cant help herself and teaches these babes a thing or two
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                        Would you ever stick your dick in a mouse trap. We hit the streets and found that guy who was willing to take some pain for the right price. Check out cock mouse trap only on Money Talks. We followed that up with a stunt we like to call Chop Suey. Twin brothers race to see who can eat intestine faster and smack each other harder. And whats better than a titty flash with a bonus upskirt on the beach. How about our crew finding a blond bombshell at the local photo shop. After some negotiating she was willing to show it all, dont miss madiison giving up that sexy ass in Photo Romp.
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                                                                                          Jessie is young English teacher! She needs money for her wedding! Babe always dreamed about the most beautiful wedding dress! Her student Ramon offers her extra money for anal adventure and she agrees!
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                                                                                                        Hi guys, we are Anya and Slava, and we will be shooting Thailand sex videos for you. This is the first time we traveled to this country, and we quite like it here. Hope you?ll enjoy outdoor sex movies that we film on Thai beaches. Our sex vacation didn?t start too well, cause Slava broke an expensive picture, and now we owe money. Too bad, cause I was hoping to rent a hot Thai whore. Now we?ll have to pay for the picture with this money. Anyway, we always think positive, so it?s not that big of a deal
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