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      Welcome back Darling to Device Bondage. It's strange how this amazing girl has only been here once since the site opened. Not strange - more like a shame. This girl has booming huge breasts, a tight athletic body, and is one of the most flexible people we know. Not only that, but Darling also has a huge orgasm problem. The problem being that she cums so easy, so often, and so hard, that multiple hard orgasms can literally render her useless for minutes afterward. We cane her, we flog her, we make her squirt in her own face. But then we get evil. Omega is jammed up her wet, shaved pussy, and turned up to 'devastate' mode. The vibrator is locked on to her sensitive clit. We only need to sit back and watch Darling cum until we think she's going to pass out. Then we turn it up higher. That's when the real screaming takes place. WARNING: Brutal intense orgasms - you have been warned...
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        Welcome back the amazing Felony. Felony has a curse or a blessing depending how you look at it. She is multi-orgasmic, she can cum over and over. This becomes a curse for her in our hands. Her body can't stop it, it has no protection. Bound helpless, with a vibrator stuck to her hyper clit, Felony can not stop the orgasms that get ripped from her body. We always wanted to see what would really happen to a girl made to cum so many times without stopping the action, so we just left her there, cumming. WARNING THIS IS A LONG, EXTREME VIDEO, THE MODEL WAS NOT INJURED OR HURT DURING THE FILMING. We also included behind the scene footage of the aftercare of this scene. If you really want to see what happens when a girl is made to cum until she is on the verge of unconsciousness, then you need to see this.
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          The sexual attraction between these two women flies off the screen and we had a hard time keeping them off of each other between scenes! Welcome the gorgeous Sovereign Syre to! Sovereign loves to fuck women and it's obvious from the amount of orgasms Mistress Cherry Torn rips from between her legs. Sovereign is dying to be punished and to please her mistress. Multiple orgasms, hard spanking, ass and pussy licking, nipple torture and strap-on ass fucking are all included!
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            When I see Darling walk onto the set, I can feel my dick twitch. She is dressed like a proper citizen, all wrapped up in a pretty polka dot dress and sensible shoes. But I know what is underneath it all. She can't wait for me to get at those big round slutty tits of hers. I make her wait. As I tie her tits and crane her elbows behind her back, I hear her moan low. I smell her cunt getting wet. I run a knotted rope tight across her damp panties, push her to the ground and get my whip. The site is called HOGTIED, so I do a simple and strict tie that twists her back like a fucking pretzel and pushes her tightly tied tits out for me to torment. She sputters spittle around the gag as I casually apply zippers to her nicely presented tits. I laugh when she looks at me pleadingly, and reward her masochism with a hard, wet orgasm. I untie her and tell her to clean herself up - she smells like a used cunt. Pinning her ankles behind her head is a position I am sure this tramp is used to, so I show no mercy and really crank the ropes down. What I did not expect was the ferocity of uncontrollable squirting orgasms I would get out of her in this position. This little slut cums so much she leaves a puddle on my floor. The predicament is my favorite because I am a sadistic prick. Especially when my cock is as hard as it is right now. I tie her into something delightfully disturbing, weigh her fat fucking nipples and thick ripe cunt lips with viscous clamps and rocks, and sit back and rub my cock while she suffers. It is a good day.
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              She is so tiny I could pick her up with one hand. She is so horny I want to fuck her with both. But first, a simple test: tie her hands and feet, and make her get naked and fuck the dick. I stand over her with the whip and watch her squirm trying to get that hard rubber cock. As I am attaching the zipper to her pretty soft skin, I realize her clit is fucking huge. I immediately go to work on it with a vibe, teasing her up and down towards orgasm when I rip all those painful pins off at once, sending over the edge. I'm looking at her trying to figure out what to do next and I think: I want to see that cunt tied wide open and fucked with a big black dick. The bondage is intense and she tells me she likes it. Making her cum over and over again in this vulnerable position just about finishes her off, but there is still more work to do. I'm tired but she wants more. I decide to make her do the work and rig her over a mounted dildo. I tell her to fuck it like it was her last fuck ever, and the crop keep her going till she is completely orgasmed out and spent. Good work my little little whore.
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                Once again Jade Marxxx graces our Waterbondage dungeons. In scene one she struggles hard against multiple orgasms in what she called one of the tightest ties she has ever been in. And speaking of struggling, scenes 2 and 4 show us that predicament bondage produces terrific struggling. Not many models love bondage as much, orgasm as many times and make us all as happy as Jade Marxxx does. We love you Jade!
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                              Elise suffers like none other. Her primal screams to non stop, brutal torment are as real as it gets. She prides herself on being able to take anything that you dish out and she will find out exactly how far I will go to test that. Every pain filled scene is topped off with mind blowing orgasms that prove even orgasms cause suffering. She is subjected to flogging, caning, a dragon's tail whip, and grueling bondage just to get to an orgasm that is ultimately denied until she can no longer control herself. Her final scene is the most intense suspension she has ever had to endure, and most can't, and she barely makes it through. This update is not for the faint of heart and is one of the most sadistic scene ever caught on film.
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                                another introduction to ticklish orgasms. this woman thought she was going to be too ticklish to take it, but she'd never had her feet tickled while she used her dildo before. in seconds her first orgasm is upon her, then another, and another. the look of shock on her face as the orgasms hit hard is priceless.
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                                  This is the final installment of the November Device Bondage live show. Chloe and Payton are fastened onto the sybians face to face. Their feet dangle off the ground, cunts smashed onto the vibrating monsters. They are gagged together with a custom double sided gag. To top it off they are nipple clamped to each other to keep them from moving too much. The double gag in itself seems to be a predicament as each slut screams during orgasm nearly biting the other's face off. Who will have the stronger orgasm, who will have the most orgasms. Place your bets and enjoy.
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                                        Bonnie is back and hotter than the first time she visited us. This slut is put in inescapable devices and made to endure hardcore punishment. Upon her reward for suffering, she is given and orgasm, and that' s where the water works begin. This whore is so turned on by being tormented, that she can't stop squirting. Her cunt gushes with masochistic pleasure uncontrollably as orgasm after orgasm is ripped from her willing snatch.
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                                          Device Bondage presents a Super Hero production of "The Orgasm Trap"  Christina Carter as Wunder Woman. A girl is held against her will in an underground bunker and Wunder Woman comes to the rescue. As she grabs the bars of the cage holding the cute prisoner, Wunder Woman is hit with 5000 volts of electricity. Knocked unconscious, Wunder Woman never realizes it was a trap all along. Now bound to the wall, Wunder Woman is helpless. She is undressed, groped, flogged and humiliated. With a powerful vibrator positioned perfectly on our heroine's pussy and clit, Wunder Woman will soon face the ultimate of diabolical traps. Hooked up to 1,000,000 volts of power and a sensor that will detect orgasms, Wunder Woman must fight off the urge to cum. If she cums a 3rd time, the entire load of electricity will flow through her body. Who knows if even Wonder Women can withstand that much current. Join know to see the exciting episode: "The Orgasm Trap"
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                                                we move on to her other foot. since the first fleet of orgasms have made her more sensitive and this foot has not yet been touched, the first few seconds have her laughing and writhing. then the orgasms kick in again. she had never realised that her feet were a hot zone.
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