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                                                      Ok, I really need to start thinking thrice when it comes to letting Ugly bring a guy along... This guy Mike just magically appears in the cauldron of debauchery of mines... brought in by Ugs... he supposedly \
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                                                            Brannon is at the park, shooting some hoops, when commotion arises.  Minnie has a fight with her cheating boyfriend and gets thrown out of the car.  Shes left at the park without her phone or any means to get home.  Brannon quickly consoles the situation and gives Minnie a ride to his boys house, so she can use the phone.  Soon enough talk of revenge comes up and Minnie is all for it.  Her tight pussy, round ass, and petite four-eleven frame are an irresistible package.  Brannon gives her plenty of revenge fucking and  Minnie gets the ride she needs
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                                                                On the last day of our Thailand sex holiday Polina went totally wild! I guess she wanted to have it all before we go back home. So she took me to the wonderful park where she made me an offer I couldn't refuse: making an ourdoor sex movie with anal scenes! So I probed her delicious butt right there, in the park. This time my babe liked it! She said it was a bit painful, but she loved that sweet pain. But that amateur vacation sex was only a beginning of our great day...
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                                                                  On the last day of our Thailand sex holiday Polina went totally wild! I guess she wanted to have it all before we go back home. So she took me to the wonderful park where she made me an offer I couldn't refuse: making an ourdoor sex movie with anal scenes! So I probed her delicious butt right there, in the park. This time my babe liked it! She said it was a bit painful, but she loved that sweet pain. But that amateur vacation sex was only a beginning of our great day...
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                                                                    This week on Monsters Of Cock I ran into Jayden Jaymes and she wanted to do a photo spread with us. Jayden was delighted to find out that Ramon was free and in town because she wanted to try him for size. I told her I'd take her to meet him, but she needed to flash a few unsuspecting joggers at an undisclosed park of my choice. I took her to the park she did what I wanted, made a few friends along the way. Then I took Jayden back to the apartment were Ramon waited anxiously to fuck the hottest girl in the Porn Business. I'm sure that she's tackled a few big cocks in her day but today is not what she expected, because that shits huge. Jayden barely could fit it in her mouth, but she took it like a champ, and at one point slathered it in whip cream for her mouth. She then rode his cock on the counter and she loved every second of it. Soon they were fucking in every part of the apartment, legs spread wide, she squeezed his bulk into her pussy and stretched it good. To end it all she swallowed his cum and she wanted more. So check out Jayden Jaymes she's hot!
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                                                                            Voodoo was strolling along in a park when he met Nattasha while she was having trouble studying for her French class.  Voodoo showed her how fluent he is in French and offered to help her study for her big test coming up.  She was all for it until he said they would have to study in his hotel room while she was in her bra and panties.  He had to sweeten the deal with a nice Ulysses S. Grant, but she still declined because it just so happened she was not wearing a bra.  After some negotiation and desperation to finally pass her final French test, they settled on 150 dollars for her to study French with him in her bra and panties.  She showered and Voodoo immediately upped the ante to 600 dollars for the whole enchilada.  Knowing she needed money for books and supplies as well as other college expenses, she jumped at the chance since she thought he was cute anyway.  Nattasha bounced her plump ass all over his dick and took a load right to the face, but only after Voodoo also taught her how to really French kiss with herself in front of a mirror.  This is one of the hottest updates in recent memory
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                                                                              Trailer trash babes are sometimes quite innovative. This one I was screwing few months ago was always making me some hot strip videos with a lot of butt spreading to get me in the mood.
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                                                                                    My buddies and I were having a picnic at a park nearby when Briana pulled up in a Ferrari. Ficus noticed her first and wondered what the hell she was doing dancing around in a cute short white dress and waving a soda bottle around. It turned out she knew all about me and figured she would lure me in with her nice round ass and her husbands sports car. It worked like a charm. She let me drive her over to my house and we fucked fast and hard because she told me she had to get the car back to her loser husband. I guess Im becoming too predictable. Who knows... maybe the MILFs are starting to hunt me for a change.
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                                                                                            Meeting a new man online, sexy ebony model Ana Foxxx gets taken out on a day date. Meeting for coffee in Malibu, Ana is treated to a day of outdoor fun at the beach and in Solstice Canyon National Park. Her date is treated to her beautiful smile, playful attitude, and glimpses of her naked body. A taste of what's to come.
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                                                                                                Missy is from Odessa and she's a nymphomaniac. They say a large percentage of nymphos come from Odessa. This is my first glimpse at one. She looks like Laura Dern to me. It's like watching Jurassic Park except the porn version with no dinosaurs. Maybe not. Good god Laura.. I mean Missy's got ass!! I wouldn't mind fucking a cute fat ass blonde like Missy. She has a great personality and did I mention her magnificently sculptured tatas? They're great. Preston You did it again. Thank god for Facial Fest and cute blonde nymphos!
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                                                                                                    Riley Evans plays an entitled bitch with a rich husband who thinks she can do whatever she wants, park in handicapped spots, litter, and be disrespectful to everyone she sees. When a strong man finally confronts her about her bad bahvior she goes home and fantasizes about him and all his friends "making her pay" like he said she would one day have to on the street. Creampies, double penetration, rough sex, bondage, and a beautiful big tittied blonde you won't want to miss seeing get railed!
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                                                                                                              Hey yall! I got a nice one here in store for you. This week I got Daisy Duxe to fly down to miami for a big surprise. Not just any ol' surprise, either. It's the monster Cock sized surprize. I hooked up Ramone big time, homeboy said he didn't get anything for christmas that just past and that his new years was really tame. So it worked out fine because I knocked out two belated christmas presents out of the park. Ramone got to play with her perky tits and Daisy got to play with his giant cock. This is the perfect episode for anybody who didn't get anything for the holidays is looking for maybe the most perfect fuck, with all the best positions possible. This is Monsters of Cock.
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                                                                                                                                      This week on Money Talks we bring you a couple who we pay to guess each others body temperature with their fingers by inserting it in each others asshole.  Havoc then pays this one guy to hop on a treadmill with a skateboard as she throws some eggs at him.  Next our lovely Havoc finds this lil cutie and gives her some cash to take of her panties and show her goods while sitting on a park bench.  On to our main feature our crew invades a pool supply store.  We pay this one hottie to show us her tits. This one poor fool sucks our sexy cohost fake cock for cash.  Meanwhile store clerk has been watching in disbelief.  But she could use some cash too. For the right amount of cash she shows us her tits and lets Voodoo play with her cookie.  We dont stop there as we pull out the big wad of cash.  This clerk could use some real money.  Before you know it she is sucking and riding Voodoos cock right inside the store.  Watch how this hottie yells in delite as she gets a nice dicking
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