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                              Dallas is a new girl on the scene who got into shooting because she was a fan. She wanted to live out her fantasies for all to see, and we make sure that she suffers as much as possible. Dallas endures the most sadistic torment of her life, in the brutal devices. She screams, begs and pleads for the pain to stop, but when it does the orgasms become just as much of the torment as the suffering she has already endures.
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                                You're in for a real wet treat with Sheena Ryder. Not only is she a squirter but also a SCREAMER! This 2 for 1 brunette babe jiggles her ass for the camera, while confiding that she squirts best when taking a huge cock, and who better to fit the bill than the Porn Kaiser himself, Lee Stone! He pulls her plump rump towards him and eats out all her holes, getting so close his nose is smooshed against her asshole! As soon as Lee pounds her twat in mid-air, I swear the walls are rattling from her screams. Mid-way through her squishy, wet doggy-style fuck, Sheena tucks her thighs tight and gushes like a broken dam!
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                                          Bonnie begins her day tied, spread in a chair with her head in our two way deprivation head box. We see every emotion this whore will go through, while she is made to only see her own reflection. She is oblivious to what is coming next, and can only hope the punishment is swift. She is then inverted and suspended, so that she is being stretched between the floor and ceiling. The pain starts again and the screams follow, filling the room with sounds of agony. She is allowed to orgasm, but only after she pleads. This slut is wearing thin, but the suffering continues as she is bent over and hoisted just high enough that her toes are all that touches the ground. Every part of her body has been reddened from impact and her cunt swollen from over stimulation. Finally she is put on display and left exposed in a standing spread eagle. A zipper is applied with over fifty pegs, that runs from her elbows to her crotch. Slow or fast is the question. How much more will it hurt if it's done one way or the other?
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                                                      In our mind, Rika Sakurai is underated. She may have small breasts, but this actress still packs a deadly punch with her sweat face and a special technique for giving blowjobs. In Make Me Scream, Rika's hanging out in an old style Japanese house, and shes getting a bit of rope bondage as well lots of doggie. A very straight forward straight video, but there is one interesting scene where she slides back and forth the side of a bath tube to masterbate.
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                                                        Uh oh! Keiran better have his wits about him today, because Bailey Blue's got a plan to catch him with his pants down. He has no idea what's waiting for him as a special guest on the hit reality show Scream Factor. Bailey's got it all worked out, to convince Keiran she's a horny nympho from another dimension. It isn't easy, but her prank goes off without a hitch, and ends with her sweet pussy getting pounded.
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                                                                                    Bailey Brooks is back and we push her pain and pleasure centers to overload. It is amazing that someone can suffer and scream from such pain, then cum like a whore seconds after. Bailey is put in a simple box tie. Made to lie down on her stomach, her massive boobs are crushed beneath her. Not comfortable at all, but this is the very least of her worries. We add bands to her feet and snap them without mercy. If the bands were not bad enough, we roughly cane her delicate soles. This is met with loud and boisterous protest. So we make this thin, big titted whore cum. Then we start the process over again. Screaming and cumming, cumming and screaming.
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                                                                                      Holy Babbling Fuck OK, you the members, asked for this. Happy New Year! I thought I would start the year off with screaming orgasms... There is something very sexy when a beautiful woman's face is contorted in a powerful orgasm -- but Darling just takes the cake & will FUCKING BLOW YOU AWAY. She also has this funny thing her brain does as she is coming again & again, it sort of goes into schizoid mode, & nothing intelligible or coherent is able to get past her sexy lips. This beautiful, sexy woman is someone who has an on/off switch which sometimes gets stuck.... She tells me it is either on or off, but with this week's update I tried to blow the fuse & see if I could burn out the switch. Well she got the best of me, sort of.... ,-) She never gave in, but the day has just so many hours, & we really didn't want to go into overtime shooting her screaming, babbling orgasms all through the night. This shoot is also for the tickle torture fans out there. The only thing that was more of a turn-on for me was distracting Darling in mid-orgasm with a bit (really a lot) of tickle torture. Now some people say laughing has no place in bdsm, please do tell me what you think after you watch this update... If you still have a problem with the idea that tickling has no place in torture, try asking Darling as she tries to catch her breath.For the moment there is a problem with the zip download for wmv versions of the videos. You CAN still right click/save on them as well as download the mp4 zip versions. We are working on getting them up ASAP.
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                                                                                        Andre starts bound by her neck to a column with her hands tied behind her back. Her legs are free and this gives her a false sense of hope. this whore thinks that will help her, yet it makes it more of a predicament. It always amuses me that these helpless whores think they can get one over on me. She is then tied on her back with her legs spread wide, and her head hanging over the edge with no escape. Her feet are tormented along with the rest of her sensitive parts to get this bitch screaming. Now it's time to show this whore how helpless she really is. Andre is put in a flying spread eagle suspension. Clamps and pegs are added to her exposed body and we watch as her suffering escalates. The pain finally bubbles over and we see just how much she can handle. Next Andre is on her back and folded in half. Her knees are to her shoulders and her pussy is fully exposed. The cane is brought out and her feet again fall under brutal bastinado. The Pope uses his cane to torment her feet, cunt, and various pressure points to keep this whore screaming. Her pussy and ass are the final target and Andre now knows that even her prized possession are just flesh to be tormented.
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                                                                                            Leather, boots and a lot of BDSM devices... That is what Hannah loves more than anything and this time she is going to spread her long legs wide and get ready for some flogging. That is what her master loves to do to her and there is nothing that is going to stop her from reaching a strong amazing orgasm in the end. She is screaming a little bit but that is not the clear reflection of how she really feels. Her nipples are rock hard and her twat is wet as the ocean. That can mean only one thing, that Hannah is more than ready to enter the world of orgasms and pleasure and that there is nothing that is going to stop her in that intention. She would appreciate if her master is not spreading her pink pussy lips so wide but that is nothing in comparison to him squeezing her hard sensitive nipples and calling her names while she is screaming and getting ready to get off real hard. That is her goal and there is nothing and nobody who is going to stop her to get what she wants.
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                                                                                                Milcah Halili arrives with a high pain tolerance, ready to be trained. She already has experience in the lifestyle and a working knowledge of her limits. This is the type of trainee that you can get into some real detail work with, and so we delve in with extremely tight bondage and painful predicaments in order to shake some answers out of the girl. While she answers some basic questions about her goals and prior training her calves suffer and quiver under her socks. Her legs are captivating, and receive a great deal of attention from the crop, cane, zapper, whatever is on hand really. Add a buckets of rocks hanging off of a a merciless crotch rope and plus a vibrator jammed against her clit, she is ready to give up control and hang in the air, coming helplessly and beautifully. Clearly the trainee can suffer and speak at the same time, but can she suck dick? And stand on her toes? In a crouch? Carrying heavy rocks? Bound in chain? You get the idea. No dick is ever easily earned on the Training of O, but Milcah may have had to pay forward more than most. She really does look lovely screaming with a dick in her mouth. Many pain sluts can take the corporal all day long, but put them in reverse cowgirl and they are ready to beg for mercy. Milcah really shine in the this scene, tied to a giant rod of bamboo and told to ride the dick until I am satisfied. She bounces, begs, comes, and screams. One of the most fascinating things about our intrepid trainee is her porn anal virginity. How she has managed to keep it so long is beyond me, but in exchange for her training she offers it up to you viewers. The scene opens with her on her back, legs spread, begging for the cock in her virgin ass. We let our big dicked gimp take it out on her tight asshole until she is pleading for the come. Well done Milcah. We look forward to Day Two!
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                                                                                                  Live Show Mondays brings you part 3 of 4 of the July live show that featured Ariel X, with Isis Love and Madison Young as co-tops. Ariel is hung upside down, legs spread, and the world's most powerful vibrating cumming machine is pushed down and locked into place. Ariel has no hope of relief, she will know only cumming. However our two sexy co-tops want to hear her scream, a lot! Isis and Madison apply a generous amount of clothes pins to Ariel's hard athletic body. Just as Ariel is in the middle of a screaming, brutal, beautiful orgasm, the pins are ripped off her body in one violent pull. The pain mixed with the orgasm sends Ariel on a trip she has never experienced before, totally fucking cum drunk, that is what Ariel is now - a helpless cumming slut..
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                                                                                                    Welcome Isis Love to Device Bondage, you have seen her here as a co-top but never as a "sub". Device Bondage is the only place on the net that you will see Isis "subbing" at this time. So lets get this, beautiful, perfect, amazing girl, naked spread, and helpless. Chains are good, they hurt if you struggle. Back arch is good, it makes the girl more vulnerable, and uncomfortable. After some breast flogging and pussy whipping, it was time to make this Goddess cum. Three fingers in, brutally hitting the "G" spot, the vibrator on high, directly on her clit. Seconds later the most intense screaming, squirting orgasm we have ever seen. Isis came and didn't stop cumming, it seemed to last for ever. The primordial scream from hell, the cum gushing out of her pussy in buckets, it has to be seen to believed.
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                                                                                                                          Join us in welcoming the next Upper Floor slave, pistol. We already know Beretta James the porn star as a sexually depraved and gorgeous talent. We know trainee 004 as a dedicated pain slut and disciplined whore. Now the House will know her as slave pistol. This is her big night, and in her first act of devotion she is auctioned off to a visiting member, the intimidating Lux Lady Love. During the slave lottery Tomi Knox wins the night with slave tramp. He is quick to exploit her pussy and orgiastic nature, making her squirt and cum on his fist. While slave tramp is screaming on her back, slave kaos is handed off to her Master for the night, Dan O Rama. Slave kaos has her elegant arms wrapped in latex, and is made to pleasure Dan with her hands alone. She looks so desperate to put hard cock in her mouth UV is happy to oblige with a dildo. Kaos is not the only slave punished by UV. Sweet little slut alice has her creamy thighs tortured and round ass spanked as she sucks off The Steward and cums like a filthy whore. The finale kicks off with a wicked zipper placed on slave pistol by Christine and ends with slave pistol airtight with slave cock in her pussy and ass and The Steward in her mouth. If she weren t stuffed so tight, she would probably be smiling.
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                                                                                                                              Welcome back Darling to Device Bondage. It's strange how this amazing girl has only been here once since the site opened. Not strange - more like a shame. This girl has booming huge breasts, a tight athletic body, and is one of the most flexible people we know. Not only that, but Darling also has a huge orgasm problem. The problem being that she cums so easy, so often, and so hard, that multiple hard orgasms can literally render her useless for minutes afterward. We cane her, we flog her, we make her squirt in her own face. But then we get evil. Omega is jammed up her wet, shaved pussy, and turned up to 'devastate' mode. The vibrator is locked on to her sensitive clit. We only need to sit back and watch Darling cum until we think she's going to pass out. Then we turn it up higher. That's when the real screaming takes place. WARNING: Brutal intense orgasms - you have been warned...
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