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                                    Divine Bitch: Mistress Ashley Fires Sub: Zak Tyler I don't know what it is about him but there's something. After three days of training and a few events under his belt, Zak Tyler is really shaping up to be a well rounded piece of slave meat. Yeah, he yells a lot when his dick is electrocuted, he squints when his nipples are tortured with heavy weights, he forgets to offer gratitude when his ass is reamed by a gigantic strap-on and he can barely contain himself when given an excruiciating painful ruined orgasm but it's oh so fun to watch and torture him! Given the fact of where slave Zac started it's astonishing how much he can take now. True devotion. But let's not get ahead of ourselves; he has a long way to go and if it wasn't for how well he worshiped Mistress Ashley's ass and pussy then we might not be throwing this sub slut a bone. Come back and see if slave Zac Tyler becomes Madeline's new favorite! Maitresse's Evaluation Objectives electricity conquer the intensity of electrical CBT cater to the princess phenomenon amuse her in any way shape or form relinquish manhood endure a painful ruined O Closing assessment slave has made significant progress from first training session devotion is apparent anal training sucessful skills are there, need refinement </li>
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                                      Sir C and Mistress Annie Cruz team up in this men in pain update to torture judas with all kinds of painful, painful, painful cbt! From chopstick torture to an acrylic flattening board that presses his cock and balls like a flower in a book, there is little rest for the cock in this update. But don't worry - there is plenty of ass fucking, nipple torture and squirting as well.
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                                        The infamous Audrey Hollander graced up with her submissive presence for our November live show. If you missed it here's your chance to watch in wonderment. If you watched it here's your chance to watch it again! It was one epic ride! Ms Gia DiMarco and I put Audrey through the Electrosluts Anal Test! Throwing in as many electrosex implements I could get my hot hands on! Starting her out by tearing her clothes off and handing her over to Gia to zap every inch of her creamy white skin just to give her a chance to warm up to what's to come. And what IS to come, you might ask? Violet wand anal fucking, intense electro-anal plugs, sticky pads, tit torture, pussy torture, asshole torture, the cattle prod, everyone's favorite massive butt plug Stanley, anal fisting and one GIANT anal strap-on!! All hail the Electro Anal Princess, Audrey Hollander!
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                                          Scene 1 Bound up from head to ankles with shiny, clear PVC straps and gag, sexy Sarah tries to escape the brutal snap of the single tail. Red whip marks criss-cross all over her hot body leaving her all marked up and nowhere to go. Claire gives her the cattle prod until she is squealing, and then attaches nipple clamps to her thigh straps. The more Sarah reacts to the shocks, the more pain her nipples get! Then, in comes the dick on a stick with a vibrator to send Sarah shaking into orgasmic bliss. Scene 2 On her back, in a straight jacket, on a dirty mattress, Sarah's legs and feet are chained and bolted to the floor. Her feet and inner thighs get covered with a "special sauce" that burns HOT. Then she gets her pussy sealed shut with red hot candle wax until Claire flakes it off with a brutal caning. Next, painful, tickling foot torture and scary, big ass clamps stretch and expose Sarah's vulnerable pussy while she gets a nice hard DP fucking with our good friend dick on a stick until she is purring like a ravaged kitten as she comes and comes. Scene 3 Wow. Sarah is quite a sight hanging from the ceiling in a pipe swing, with her head enclosed in a tight latex hood with a tiny breathing hole. She gets whipped while clothes pins pinch her tits and pussy. Then more fucking and orgasms galore. Focus. Slow down and regulate your breathing Sarah, or you're going to hyperventilate! Nerve racking breath torture!
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                                            This is an edited version of the LIVE Divine High Tea Party that took place in the lounge on The Upper Floor. The party was to welcome Goddess Isis Love into the Divine Bitches clan. This edited version is packed with all the best fem dom action from the party sure to have your slave cock begging for release! The ladies and I demanded nothing but the best behavior from all three slaves and many orgasms ONLY for us while they remained denied or in chastity. There is a ton going on, to much to write about. You'll have to watch the tease and torture for yourself! This update includes foot worship, toe sucking, humiliation, bondage, chastity, SPH (small penis humiliation), squirting, forniphilia (human furniture), pantyhose worship, ass worship, smothering, feminization, CBT (cock and ball torture), CFNM (clothed female naked male) and much more!
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                                              Divine Bitch: Goddess Isis Love Sub: Wolf Hudson Wolf is on day two of his Divine training and Goddess Isis Love is relentless! While bound and stapled under a cage to the floor Isis administers CBT and nipple torture along with a nice flogging. He's made to worship her ass and pussy to her satisfaction. But, she derives the most amusement when she straps Wolf to a post and teases and denies his cock over and over again with the Fucksall fuck machine fixed with a fleshlight pussy attachment! I've never seen a slaveboy scream with such satisfaction and denial at the same time in my entire life! Goddess Isis continues teasing him with her feet and he is further teased by being allowed to fuck her pussy. The big question is will Isis allow him release? Only The Goddess can determine that........ This update includes ass worship, pussy worship, CBT, nipple torture, tease and denial, humiliation, foot job, encasement, orgasm control and more! Don't miss the rest of Wolf's adjustment here at Divine Bitches! Come back and see if this sub has what it takes to serve on the prestigious Upper Floor! Maitresse's Evaluation Objectives fears encasement and immobilization attitude curb petulancy orgasm control remain hard with no release Closing assessment faced his ultimate fear did not conquer it cock remained hard attitude improved slightly from first training failed denial but only after extreme over stimulization </li>
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                                                Ashley loves bondage and discipline, but somehow has never been shot before. She has an amazing natural body that screams to be punished and tied up. She is very timid at first with a quiet soft spoken voice, but once this whore is bound, the pain slut that usually hides behind her quiet facade, begins to scream. The Pope begins with a partial suspension that exposes her sweet pink spot. She is caned and flogged and we find out that she really loves to be tortured. She wants to be pushed and The Pope makes sure she is taken to the edge. Her first orgasm proves that this quiet girl next door is more of a seasoned whore that loves to suffer. The day continues with hardcore bondage and torment that would have a veteran to the industry shaking, and Ashley takes it like a champ. We will see you again soon, slut.
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                                                            Perched with all of her weight resting on her whore pussy, Kristina is subjected to grueling pain. Her legs are pulled back to intensify the pressure, her arms are stretched out to the side to make sure she can't avoid her suffering. Her body is covered in pegs, in all of the sensitive spots, then beaten off, leaving the room full screams. Kristina is then moved to the floor and put in a device that has her legs spread as wide as they will go. Her weight is now balancing on one knee and her chest, which is making breathing difficult. Her feet are tortured and her ass is flogged. A large ass hook is inserted and tied to her head, and then her cunt is fucked hard. Now it's time to make this whore fly in a leather and chain suspension. Her pussy is fucked again, and this time The Pope doesn't stop until she has had so many orgasms that she is drained of all of her juices.
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                                                                        The obedient slave is ready to get every punishment from the hands of his luxurious mistress! Even if these are the most painful tortures in the world! Without any complaint or sound this poor arse gets smothered by the salacious lady who wants to see the expression of obey in his eyes! She mercilessly beads her pussy and butt on guy?s nose and mouth and while he is licking them clean she lights up the candle getting ready to feed dude with wax!
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                                                                                Beautiful and tough as nails Andre Shakti is brutalized in terrible bondage predicaments and rewarded with overwhelming orgasms. Put into a tough spot between a tight crotch rope and a desperate tit tie, Andre has to choose which torture to endure to earn her orgasms. Reward time: tied to a saw horse and stuffed with a dick in her cunt, and hook in her ass, and a brutal vibe on her clit, she is whipped while she spills orgasm after brutal orgasm all over the set. The sling style suspension finishes her off by ripping her slutty thighs apart for a thorough pussy plunging that rips orgasm after orgasm from her. Good job Andre, you went the distance with The Best Bondage Site on the Web!
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                                                                                  Katharine Cane has finished her training in the dark bowels of The Armory and comes to The Upper Floor, begging to serve as a house slave. Our brunch guests are charmed by her porcelain skin and lithe body, but soon her clumsy responses and over confidence shadow her sex appeal and she is in a world of trouble. Out come the canes, the head box, the foot tickling from slave o, and the incessant sexual torture from slave chrome. Katharine is reduced to tearful begging and made to endure her least favorite punishment in order to enjoy the relief of an orgasm. This petitioner s trial by cattle prod leaves the guests impressed, but ambivalent on her petition. There is a sadistic and sexually charged couple looking for a good time, and we are more than happy to feed them both slave chrome and petitioner cane. Chrome does what she does best: sucking, fucking, begging, and suffering. She is made to swallow cock over and over again with a demanding Mistresses hand at the back of her head. When chrome can perform no longer she offers her pussy for the Master s enjoyment. Petitioner cane is made to watch chrome endure much humiliation and denied orgasms, and when the Mistress becomes bored beating her, she has her face shoved into chromes ass. Despite her best efforts, the jury is still out on petitioner cane, leaving The House with another happy occasion to evaluate the slut in the future.
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                                                                                    Sometimes a brutal, ass-bruising spanking is 100% necessary. Sometimes tyrannical tit and pussy torture are essential and called for. Sometimes *****d cum-drinking and facial humiliation are productive, growing experiences for the recipient. Sometimes being chained up and *****d to drink liters of foamy pee is a legitimate course of action. This is one of those times.
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                                                                                        The sexual attraction between these two women flies off the screen and we had a hard time keeping them off of each other between scenes! Welcome the gorgeous Sovereign Syre to! Sovereign loves to fuck women and it's obvious from the amount of orgasms Mistress Cherry Torn rips from between her legs. Sovereign is dying to be punished and to please her mistress. Multiple orgasms, hard spanking, ass and pussy licking, nipple torture and strap-on ass fucking are all included!
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                                                                                          Halloween is my favorite holiday. To celebrate on this fantasy filled time of year I wanted to do something different to get all Divine Bitches members in the spirit. La Semence Des Vampires (The Seed of the Vampires) is an ode to vampire movies of the past and all their cinematic delight paired with a femdom twist. Aiden Starr; the head vampire, finds her power diminishing day by day. Aiden realizes she needs more than blood to survive and only an innocent piece of man meat has what she needs to feed. For their mistress, Bobbi Starr and Nika Noire leave the comfort of their dilapidated crypt in order to seek out the young flesh and seed of John Jammen who unbeknownst to him is seduced by the striking beauty and sultriness of the vampires. John is sucked into an underground world of BDSM, punishment and fetish sex where femdom vampires not only feed off of his blood but painfully milk his cock and balls raw till every last drop of his seed is their own. On top of the higher production you will enjoy all of your favorite fem dom nuances including flogging, humiliation, nipple torture, pantyhose, ass worship, ruined orgasms, CBT, foot worship, CFNM, raw milking, strap-on ass fucking, heavy caning, painful zippers, breath play, sex in bondage and much more! Happy Halloween, M.M.~
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                                                                                            The touch of the mistress?s stiletto heels is something that this kink was dreaming to feel for ages. Still, he didn?t expect that the torture would be that painful ? sprawled under the imperious brunette?s feet, he is yelling from pain when she is walking along his flabby white body. She has to shut him up somehow, so she finishes the taming session by pushing her dirty soles in his mouth.
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                                                                                              Julie Simone and Emily Marilyn are back with another hot Lezdom scene. Busty Julie's on the bottom side, with blonde vixen Emily giving her extreme bondage and painful nipple torture. Emily inflicts painful punishment by clamping Emily's stiff pink nipples.
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                                                                                                Welcome all natural beauties Dani Daniels and Anna Morna to Whipped Ass! Both of these gorgeous women are very interested in BDSM and looking to push their limits. In this sexy role play update they play wannabe lingerie models looking to score a job on New York's runways. Casting agent Madeline puts them through rigorous training in her own special way to get them ready for the runway. This is an intense and very sexy shoot with Madeline skillfully dominating both girls at the same time. Lots of spanking, tit torture, intense flogging, humiliation, blindfolds, pussy licking, ass worship, strap on fucking and anal with fingers are included. Don't miss Dani's tearful orgasmic response!
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                                                                                                  Sadie Kennedy is new to porn, new to lesbian BDSM and new to sex! She's only 18 years old and eager to experience new things! In this kinky lesbian role play she plays a freshman in college who is having a hard time fitting in. Professor Aiden Starr helps her adjust by showing her the ways of college life with strap-on anal lesbian sex, castration band nipple torture and first time fisting! Sadie will be able to succeed in class like never before!
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                                                                                                    Episode 3: As someone who has as much experience being under the boots of my Electrosluts femdoms, Skin Diamond can not only take amazing amounts of punishment, but she's also used to catering to the depravity of the woman she's working with. In this case, it's satisfying the very deviant and perverse lesbian bondage appetite of Gia DiMarco. While others would run from my dungeon screaming from all that electro BDSM stimulation, Diamond is dedicated to making Gia happy. Skin is bound with a frog tie, with a wired up copper bar under her knees, sticky pads under her tits and electro clamps on her now rock hard nipples. While the torture from all those electrosex toys would be enough to make most other girls cry uncle, it takes much more to make Skin break! This suits Gia just fine and lets her mind run free with the lesbian bondage possibilities. After a good finger fucking, Gia penetrates with the large Samurai and furiously fucks Skin's sopping wet cunt and willing asshole, all while being driven to orgasm by the tens unit Gia connects to all the toys!
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                                                                                                            Welcome Ariel to Device Bondage, we just happened to see this sexy girl in the hallway, found out she was going to do a Amateur Fucking Machines shoot, and booked her on the spot for one scene. It's safe to say we will have her back. She is flexible, tough, and sexy. Normally three things that don't go together in one package. It was a treat watching her process her first hardcore bondage scene. How she handled the pain, how her body reacted when we made her cum. New girls are so fascinating to watch. Foot caning, nipple torture, pussy flogging, and hard Orgasms ripped out her body- not a bad first appearance.
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                                                                                                                  Helpless and upside down is no way to go though life, unless you're at a Device Bondage shoot. With all that blood rushing to the head, the disorientation, the dizziness, then to have a Sybian jammed down on your pussy and vibrated to subspace and near unconsciousness. That's just not nice. It's down right evil and sadistic right? This is something you have probably never seen in your lifetime, an inverted Sybian bondage suspension. The most power vibrator in the world making a girl cum and cum and cum, while she is upside down. There is nothing Rain can do but scream, moan and cum. After about the 10, or 11 orgasms she can't even speak english anymore, just pathetic moaning and helpless grunts that escape her perfect lips. Almost forgot, Nipple suction and torture, and a zipper we tossed those in for good measure. Check out the post interview. If you ever wanted to see someone cum drunk and so far into subspace, here is your chance.
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                                                                                                                    Lily is the perfect, all natural, girl next door type, and loves bondage and suffering. She is bound with her hands above her head, in a very traditional position. She is slowly undressed and toyed with. She is then spread wide on the floor and a brutal assault is launched on her sensitive soles. Her nipples are tormented until she cannot take it anymore, and then back to the soles to push her further than she's ever been pushed. We wanted to show how tough this slut is, so she is put in an extreme single point suspension and the whore inside comes out. Her pussy is vibed so much that she becomes discombobulated in this inverted suspension. The last scene has Lily in a very helpless position with her pussy up and waiting to be violated. Her mouth and pussy get pounded and turn her into a sloppy, wet mess.
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                                                                                                                      Dahlia starts out bound atop a sybian, arms in a strappado, and stretched between the bed posts. Her nipples are stretched and her body quickly turns a bright shade of red from all of the flogging. Next, Dahlia is hung upside down over the bed in a strenuous predicament. Her nipples are again assaulted, along with her cunt, before applying a crotch rope that increases her suffering. The rope is split and her pussy is filled and fucked. It's time for a suspension, but not just a suspension. Dahlia is pulled into an extreme back bend, with only her toes and fingers touching the ground. More screams from the pain fill the room, her pussy and ass get fucked, and then Dahlia is lifted into the air by her waist. We end the day with Dahlia spread out on the bed and her body abused more than she has ever encountered. The suffering added to her already intense orgasms.
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                                                                                                                        In the second part of this hot two part show, hardcore electroslut Nikki Darling competes against BRAND NEW model Daisy Ducati to see who is the toughest. Ariel X and Chanel Preston administer exercise torture and watch these two sluts sweat it out with sticky pads attached to their muscles. The girls scream and squirm and take the zappers when they fail. When they win, they get to lick pussy and get their asses filled with electroplugs. Daisy gets her first taste of electricity and finishes with a hardcore electrofucking you have to see. Four hot women make one sexy electric update, LIVE for your pleasure.
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                                                                                                                                    It was rather a boring party for me and my salacious friend but the things became better as our miserable slave crawled into the room inviting us to a dinner. Dinner? No, no! We think we should feed our servant first and we light our cigarettes and fill his mouth with the clouds of cigarette smoke! It seems he didn?t like that dish very much, well, that means he deserves a good punishment and our ever present whips and leashes are ready for work!
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                                                                                                                                      Krissy has enormous tits that are just inviting for torture. Krissy's breasts are real sensitive and she really likes when they're clamped and pinched hard. Of course, that's not enough and this hot slave gets to have her massive breasts covered in candle wax
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                                                                                                                                          Little Micah Andrews is eager to please, but his attempts at devotion to Goddesses Isis Love and Mistress Gia DiMarco only leads to their harsh punishment! Meet Micah Andrews. At 19 years old, he's what you'd expect from a boy who's not old enough to drink, being innocent and uneducated to the ways of the world. His one redeeming quality is that he's very eager to please and knows his place as a playtoy for Goddesses Isis Love and Mistress Gia DiMarco. They string up Micah, torturing him then pegging his tight, young ass while making him worship their asses. But when they sit on his face it pushes him over the edge, causing him to cum before these untouchable women give their approval! The punishment for his insubordination is placing his cock and balls in chastity, and making him drink the their heavenly squirtjuice, which he does like the good little bitchboy he is.
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                                                                                                                                            This is another way of humiliating my slave and I love it no less than spitting on him! This time I crucify my slave against the dirty wall and beat him hardly with my whip! Strike after strike and I enjoy the red stripes appearing on his smooth back! My slave convulses and groans from pain and when rubbing the dick and stomach on the pecky wall he feels extreme tortures when the tenderest skin on his intimate places frictions till wounds appear on them! My pleasure increases even more with the thought that my naughty slave wouldn?t be able to lay on his back for a long time!
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