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            This week we brought something lost in our archive. It happened a couple of months ago. It was a normal day out we headed to Ft Lauderdale and We stopped this couple on the street. They were really friendly to us. The girl was hot and she looked like a freak. They told us that they love the Bang Bus and that it was their dream as swingers to be part of it, enough said we brought them in and they just went completely loco on the bus. They started to fuck and it was a show not to miss. This guy nailed this girl like a pro and the chick was so fucking horny i had to kept myself from jumping in the action. Afterwards they got kind of worried about doing it in front of the camera... It was kind of weird and I don't know how it happened but they took one of the tapes, luckly it was the pick up, we got to keep the good part...jeje. Later that day I needed some action too, after watching this two get it on, i had to go out there and get me some pussy. We picked this cute Venezuelan girl and it took some money but i got me a little something too. In the end it was a good day out, too bad for the couple. Hey if you are watching WE STILL WANT OUR TAPES BACK!!! Peace out.
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